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How to watch a sunrise and get 50c meals, not 54c meals

by Penina

Interesting. There’s a story out (on Oct 27) that looks incredibly similar to the exact same story on my sales page over at Penina.TV. Oh, except I can do it for 0.50c a serve. You’ll also get out of the kitchen and you won’t have to slave over a stove to get your weeknight dinners sorted either. Get the ORIGINAL cookbook that can do dinner for less. You can save $7000+ a year too.
People. You don’t have to work it all out and weed through pages and pages of fine print. Put dinner on autopilot and get dinners done for you. Go watch the sunrise to celebrate your savings.
VISIT: PENINA.TV to get dinners sorted this weekend. 

Here’s that sales page I’m talking about…

I’m super excited about Freezer Meals Issue 2 – $1.50 Dinners Veg Extras. This version is packed with goodness and all the meals are super family-friendly. My kids have no idea just how many veggies they’re eating. This is hilarious to watch at the dinner table!
You’ll enjoy more savings too. If you did Freezer Meals 1, there are plenty of ingredients you have already. I’ve calculated that these hearty, healthy dinners could even amount to as little as $1.02c a serve – if we factor in the unit cost over time and using up every ingredient we purchase this month. Not only that – the 458 serves in this issue cost just $0.50c each. WOW! This means we’re getting our breakfasts, lunches, snacks and desserts included and for well under the original $1.50 per dinner price we all thought we were paying last month. Yes. The EXTRAS are essentially FREE – with your dinners, which are now even cheaper!

What’s new in $1.50 Dinners – Veg Extras


  • Dinners now cost just $1.02c a serve.
  • Free extras: Get 283 breakfasts, lunches, snacks, (extra dinners) and desserts.
  • Extras are included in the $1.50 Dinners price.Yep, they’re essentially free!
  • A total of 458 serves and drumroll…for the cut price of just $0.50c a serve. WOW!
  • An extra week’s worth of dinners made from leftovers.
  • Save more time, money and energy NOT doing a big shop for five weeks to come.


  • Step-by-step, online, mobile-friendly cooking school.
  • Access your book (PDF) online anytime via any mobile device or tablet.
  • Get the latest updates and access your book, files and guides indefinitely.
  • Watch my videos and cook along with with me.
  • Get cooking in a fun, interactive, community and user-friendly environment.
  • Share cooking tips with others (via comments) right within each recipe’s page.
  • Ask questions and get answers from experienced $1.50 Dinners home cooks.
  • Access extra resources freebies, notes, images and more.
  • Page numbers and layout at Penina.TV to match the book.
  • Access PENINA.TV on any mobile device or tablet.
  • Use the arrows to click through to the next stage in the cook process.
  • As you complete a step, each one is greyed out and ‘ticked off’ as done.
  • Get your grocery list and cooking steps ‘on-the-go’ while out shopping
  • Pop your phone or iPad on the bench while cooking.
  • Get easy access to new Boot Camps for Better Living right in your dashboard.
  • Never miss out on my creative ways to improve and change your lifestyle for the better.



  • The ‘Extras Menu’ includes 291 breakfasts, lunches, snacks and desserts.
  • ‘Lite Extras’ are also listed for what the family is having.
  • The bonus ‘Graduation Day Menu’ is also made from leftovers.


  • Tighter delivery of setup methods so you can get setup at speed.
  • Fast start to get setup quicker.
  • Container and labels lists – to get labels done before cooking.


  • Improved grocery lists. Sort food in your trolley before returning home.
  • ‘Leave out’ [LO] tags to help you sort what to do ‘When you get back from the shops list’
  • Substitute lists: Easily find a substitute for say ‘chicken’ or ‘beef.’
  • Meals (menus) listed on the grocery lists too, which is super handy while grocery shopping.


  • Tighter delivery of batch cooking methods.
  • Video guides to cook at turbo speed.
  • Standardised measures to make life easier.
  • Greater clarification on sauces including videos.

PACK [Recipe Pages]

  • Video ‘A Look Inside My Kitchen’ to show you how I set up my kitchen
  • Other useful tips, hints and hacks along the way E.g My ‘No Peel Potatoes’ hack
  • Lite meals are now listed under each family recipe for your convenience.
  • Full lite meal recipe instructions now included.
  • Calorie count (coming soon)


  • Notes for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and desserts.
  • Instructions for bulk cooking snacks and lunches on a Sunday afternoon.
  • Freezer-friendly snacks and lunches for the kids.
  • Leftover lunch tips made from leftovers.


  • This version uses up every ingredient purchased.
  • Enjoy ‘Good Karma Cooking.’
  • Become a ‘No Food Waste’ human.
  • Use up any ingredients leftovers from previous months. The system will always factor these in.
  • This new format requires less printing. Print only the ‘visual fridge calendar.’
  • Access everything else via the super-mobile friendly online cooking school.


Grab Your Shopping List & Easily Control Your Grocery Budget Each Month

  • Basic, easy-to-find, budget, everyday ingredients
  • Meals (and now extras) cost no more than $1.50 per dinner serve
  • Shopping is ‘doable’ online and offline
  • Finish shopping for a month in under 20 minutes
  • Ingredients from Aldi to maximise savings
  • Simple one-page grocery list for the month
  • Easy visual kitchen setup process before shopping
  • Get your entire month’s meals done at speed

Prepare meals fast using bulk cooking actions, look-and-cook instructions or videos

  • Basic recipes with inexpensive and few ingredients
  • Prepare a month’s worth of dinners in one day for the month
  • Easily tweak meals for the kids
  • Easy-to-follow ‘look-and-cook’ or video steps
  • Fast, simple and easy-to-prepare meals
  • Drastically reduce time in the kitchen
  • Speed up the cooking process
  • Use up all ingredients and leftovers
  • Includes tips and hacks for the kitchen

Super kid-friendly everyday family meals and LITE versions of each to achieve your weight loss goals

  • Super family-friendly meals for fussy kids
  • Weight loss versions of each meal [Lite]
  • Lite meals are generally Paleo and Low-Carb
  • Everyday dinners mums (not celebrities) cook
  • Made by a mum who ‘gets you.’
  • Healthy meals but with a few fun meals thrown in
  • Easily adapt recipes for different situations
  • Complete meals with no side dishes left out
  • Home-cooked versions of takeaway meals for Fri nights
  • Meals taste and look ‘budget-gourmet’
  • Satisfying meals leave the family full, satisfied and happy

Put your feet up, get out of the kitchen and go on holiday every year with the $5200 (min) savings Each Year

  • Get out of the kitchen most nights of the week
  • Lose the grind of washing up pots and pans each night
  • Gain more time with the kids and family in the evenings
  • Free up time to enjoy life and hobbies
  • Gain a sense of calm knowing dinner is sorted
  • Never ask that question – What’s for Dinner?
  • Produce $7000+ in savings each year
  • Go on holiday or start a savings account

VISIT: PENINA.TV to get dinners sorted this weekend. 

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