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Lip gloss | 39 cheap tips for luscious lips

by Penina
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If you’ve ever smeared lip gloss across your lips you may have had a purpose or no purpose at all for it. Lip gloss is great for stopping those lips cracking. This nifty little  product gives the illusion of a bigger pout or gives lips an enticing shine or gloss.
Alternatively, you may have applied the stuff for no reason at all. A woman doesn’t need a reason to apply lip gloss other than to enjoy the good, glossy goo that gives the day some goodness.

The history of lip gloss

Lip gloss has been around since the thirties. Max Factor, who made products for the movie industry, needed a product for making movie star’s lips shine on film. Max Factor made the stuff commercially available for women across the world in 1932 and us gals haven’t looked back since.
We love lip gloss because it is convenient and makes us feel lovable. We can apply lip gloss anywhere. We can smack it on while sitting in the car at traffic lights. We pat it on our pouts while on a bus. We can smear it on at a parties and dab it on in nightclub toilets between dancing to Doof Doof and drinking a Daiquiri. We place it on pedantically during fascinating conversations with friends over dinner. There doesn’t seem to be a form of etiquette for lip gloss. We are free to gloss where and when we want.

What’s not to love about lip gloss?

What’s not to love? This socially acceptable goo comes in flavours like Pink Lemonade and Double Bubble Gum. You can get lip gloss in clear, translucent, frosted, glittery, glossy, metallic and much more! It’s good for looking good, moisturising your lips, and even as a sunscreen! It’s even good for bad breath! People will smell your gloss before they smell your breath.
The smart people who invented flavoured lip gloss were Bonne Bell who created Lip Smackers. Lip gloss now comes in tubes, gadgets, on rope, keyrings and more. Lip gloss is big business across the globe.
In terms of saving money lip gloss isn’t exactly an expensive purchase. But it is fun to make up homemade versions of lip gloss.

Learn how to make lip gloss

The following cheat sheet is full of ideas on how to make your own delicious versions of lip gloss. It also supplies tips on how to accentuate your lips using some little tricks. Keep the list handy if you have lots of leftover product or you are getting ready to go.

Fuller lips

Add nude lip liner to bottom of lower lip and highlighter to the bow of your upper lip.

Lipstick leftovers

Mix together old lipsticks in the microwave for a quick new colour.

Big eyes, small lips

If you accentuate your eyes keep your lips simple.

Big lips, small eyes

If you accentuate your lips keep your eyes simple.

Brush your lips

When brushing your teeth also brush your lips to get rid of the dead skin.

Carry it with you

Constantly take lip balm with you and apply on the run.

Chapstick trick

Dip Chapstick in your blush for a great pink colour.

Cheap collagen

Apply cinnamon oil on your lips instead of collagen-filled injections.

Honey lip gloss

Mix Vaseline with honey and melt in the microwave.

Cheap lip gloss

Mix lipstick ends with Vaseline for cheap lip-gloss.

Citrus lip gloss

Mix Vaseline with lemon essential oil for a nice lip-gloss. Microwave to mix.

Cocoa Butter lips

Use Cocoa Butter on your lips as lip-gloss and experience a delicious smell and taste.

Cold sore help

Dab a little organic coconut oil on a cold sore to help cure it.

Distract attention

Wear a warm pink glossy lip colour so people will look at your lips not your skin.

Do things in order

Apply lip balm before applying lipstick.

For fuller lips

Apply lip liner to your entire lip. This gives gloss something to stick to.

Foundation on lips

Apply a little foundation over your lips before applying lipstick or gloss.

Free blush

Dip your finger in lipstick and smudge onto your skin.

Fuller pout

Put clear lip-gloss in the middle of your lip to make your lips look fuller.

Fuller lips for free

Apply lip-gloss downward in strips rather than across to make your lips look more 3D.

Get a great pout

Use a hydrating eye cream on your lips for a cheap and bigger pout.

Cheap pout

Add gloss to middle of your bottom lip and shimmer to the top lip.

Chill lipsticks

Keeping lipsticks in the fridge. They will last longer.

Let Avon in

Avon is still a great resource for cheap cosmetics. Investigate their prices.

Lip balm

Coconut oil makes a great lip balm.

Lip liner trick

For fuller looking lips extend your lip liner slightly over your lip line.

Lip treatment

Apply lip balm before bed.

Love Vaseline

Do not buy lip-gloss. Add flavours, like Vanilla Extract, to Vaseline.

Mint lip gloss

Mix petroleum jelly with mint essential oil for a nice lip-gloss. Microwave to mix.

New lip colour

Add eye shadow to Chapstick to create a new lip colour.

Nice lip scrub

Mix honey with sugar for a nice lip scrub.

Olive oil as balm

Use extra virgin olive oil as a quick lip balm.

Poison free lips

Shorter stay lipsticks do not contain arsenic.

Salty lip scrub

Combine and put on a toothbrush and brush your lips to get rid of flaky skin.

Sheer lipstick

Add red lipstick to a clear gloss for a nice sheer lipstick.

Storage for gloss

Mix lipstick ends to create new shades. Store in an old lip-gloss pot.

Tub for foundation

Keep a little foundation in an old lip-gloss container for applying on lips.

Use a brush

Use a lipstick brush to apply lipstick. It helps to limit how much you use.

Vanilla lip gloss

Mix Vaseline, Aloe Vera gel, coconut oil and vanilla together for a great lip-gloss.

Vaseline your lips

Put a little bit of Vaseline on an old toothbrush and then brush your lips.

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