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Mad Money-Saving Home Improvement Tips

by Penina
Even if you’re not that handy, learning basic DIY is a great way to save money on your house. A heap people think they can’t do DIY, but thanks to our techy era, we’re all laughing.
There’s no excuse.
The wealth of material online includes step-by-step YouTube videos to guide you. Otherwise, have a quick read of these fast money-saving tips and graduate in DIY today.

Mad Money-Saving Home Improvement Tips

Tip: Try the following DIY tips yourself. For more complicated jobs, like a burst pipe, call in the professionals.

Fix Leaks

Fixing leaky taps, showers or toilets can cost a fortune if left unattended. Solve leaks yourself by identifying the problem. You may need something as simple as a new part. Head down to your local home centre. They’ll give you valuable advice according to your specific needs.

TonyZhu / Pixabay

Clean Gutters

Gutters are vital for protecting your home by carrying water away from your house when it rains. If you don’t clean your gutters on a regular basis, roof leaks can appear. Gutters can even start to sag or worse case, flood a home. Clean out leaves or other debris at least once a year using a ladder, some gloves and a hose. Keep these maintained to reap major savings in the longterm.

JamesDeMers / Pixabay

Replace HVAC Filters

Regulating your home’s internal temperature is important. If not, your house will sap loads of energy and suck you of money. HVAC filters stop dust and other particles clogging up heating and evaporative systems. Clogged systems reduce air flow when these get dirty. This forces the system to work harder. The good news is, these are very cheap and easy to replace. Try switching them out every few months.

Source: HDM20

Maintain Smoke Detectors
Making sure all your smoke detectors are in good working order is an essential task. This should always be a high priority. All should give off a loud beeping sound when low on battery life. Make sure you test smoke detectors for safety and added peace of mind.

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

Program Your Thermostat

Remember to keep good thermostat habits. This can be easy to forget during busy periods and the costs add up. Every couple of months, readjust your thermostat as the temperature changes. If you have a programmable model, adjust the setting to suit your daily schedule.

TBIT / Pixabay

Paint Your Front Door

This job is often a low priority, but it’s nice to come home through a nice door. You’ll also add value to your home, since a front door is a home’s first impression. 
Here are some tips:
  • Clean the door using soapy water
  • Smooth down rough edges using sandpaper
  • Use two coats of paint on the door
  • Try a matt finish in a pastel shade for a different look
  • Finish off with a new house number
  • Do a third coat if you really want your door to sing
  • Add a nice welcome mat too!

Pexels / Pixabay

These simple money-saving tips aren’t time-consuming. But you’ll notice the difference in your bank balance!

Happy money-saving home improvement day!

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