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Nail designs | 16 thrifty tips for feet and nails

by Penina

The world is full of incredibly delicate nail designs. A visit to your local nail salon will unveil walls of delicious looking and pretty nail designs for any girl wishing to pimp her hands. Who wouldn’t want the pick of nail designs called Rocco Polka Dot, Chocolate Cupcake or Late Summer Skittles? The names themselves put a little grin on my chin.
Women flock to nail salons across the country when they ‘catch a moment.’ This might be on a weekend between Little Athletics and dinner. Or they might attempt a visit during the week in that small window of time when little Miss is at kinder.
These days nail technicians power through a manicure or pedicure with the speed and precision of Olympians! I’m walking out of a nail salon, blowing on my nails, so fast I’ve almost defeated the purpose of the visit! After all, the idea of such an outing is to get a little relaxation and time alone. While the experience is often not as relaxing as I hoped (see my article on nail salons), I do leave feeling prettier.
However, if you are a penny-pinching Scrooge like me, a home manicure is certainly the cheaper and more relaxing alternative. You can do your own nails ultra cheap and while watching your favourite TV show. Add some chocolate, strawberries, Champagne and girlfriends to the mix and you’ve organised a fab girls night in!
So if you need a cheap manicure or pedicure check out this cheat sheet. If you enjoy the experience be sure to take a photo and share it. Check out my Pinterest Nail Design Board for inspiration. Name your design something delicious and share the link in comments below. I’d would love to see your creations!
Keep this list handy when you are getting ready to go out or when you need some ideas for pampering yourself on the cheap.

16 thrifty tips for feet and nails

A cure for yellow nails

Add lemon juice to a bowl of water and clean your nails in the bowl.

A trick at the nail clinic

Pay for your manicure in advance so you do not wreck nails looking for money.

A trick for stronger nails

Soak fingers in lukewarm olive oil and lemon juice.

All day hand treatment

Rub olive oil over your hands when home for the day.

Avoid bubbles in polish

Roll the bottle backwards and forwards between the palms of your hands.

Avoid tacky nail designs

Watch for tacky looking nail designs.

Avoid toenail fungus

Try not to push back toenail cuticles. This helps avoid foot fungus.

Broken nail remedy

Snip a tiny piece off a tea bag. Lay it over the nail and apply clear nail polish.

Buffed nails last longer

To make your nail polish last longer, buff your nails first.

Cheap foot massage

Massage your feet on the jets at the spa at my local recreation centre.

Cheap manicure

Check out pamper packages at beauty schools. They may include a manicure.

Cheap pedicure

Half day pamper packages at beauty schools may include a pedicure.

Check your feet

Check your feet for problems if you wear heels a lot.

Cut toenails across

Shaping toenails can cause ingrown toenails. Cut them straight across.

Cuticle trick

Try using lip balm on your cuticles.

Emu oil as hand cream

Emu Oil makes a great moisturiser and anti-wrinkle cream.

Exfoliate, always

Exfoliate your hands once a week to keep them soft and gorgeous.

Fat for your feet

Try pure wool fat for cracked heels and nipples. Chemists offer cheap options.

Filing your nails

File each nail from the outside toward the centre and in one direction only.

Foot moisturiser

Repurpose old face moisturiser for foot moisturiser.

For softer feet

Add malt vinegar to plain yogurt and rub over feet. Store in the fridge.

Happy feet

Put lotion on your feet and then wrap your feet in plastic bags.

Heel relief cream

Invest in a cheap heel relief cream for tired feet.

How to walk in heels

Set your heel down after your toes when wearing heals.

Ingrown nails

Treat ingrown toenails immediately before the problem worsens.

Keep nail polish chilled

In summer store nail polish in the fridge to preserve longer.

Make gloves a habit

Wear rubber gloves when cleaning. Keep hands younger longer.

Mrs Marsh was right

Soak fingernails in dishwashing liquid.

Olive oil for nails

Dip nails in olive oil for ten minutes to strengthen and make nails shine.

Overnight foot treatment

Moisturise your feet and then put socks on. Sleep. Enjoy softer feet.

Paraffin ointment

Apply Paraffin Ointment to hands, put on gloves and wash dishes.

Preserve nail polish

To keep nail polish thin, you need a nail polish thinner.

Purchasing shoes

Be smart when buying shoes. Avoid bunions and problems with your feet.

Salt and water foot spa

Soak feet in salt and warm water for 20 minutes.

Save with vinegar

To make your nail polish last longer, dip your nails in vinegar first.

Strawberry mask

Mash strawberries and sugar together and rub into your hands.

Strengthen your toenails

Biotin supplements strengthen toenails.

Take your heels off

Remove whenever you can. For example, remove heels under your desk at work!

Time saving treatment

Squirt moisturiser on your hands before putting gloves on to wash the dishes.

Tired feet and hands

Mix olive oil, Vitamin E and lemon juice together for feet and hands.

Top coat yourself

Seal your nail polish with a topcoat.

Treat ingrown toenails

Learn how to treat your ingrown toenails.

Vicks skin treatment

Rub Vicks over your feet and then wrap in plastic bags overnight.

Wear gloves and save

Wear gloves when washing up. You will save money on hand cream.

White patches on nails

If you have white patches on your nails you are not getting enough calcium.


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