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I promise you tips that will change your life now

by Penina

If you want to get motivated in 2016, check out these fast tips for regaining motivation, being a winner and getting your groove back.
I admit I’m a sucker for a great motivation tip, especially when it comes from someone other than myself! I’ll watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts and suck up energy from anyone around me who happens to have found that lucky streak of motivation. For example, my hubby recently set up a full gym in our garage. While neither of us has ventured out there yet – just looking at that suite of gym equipment has at least set my mind on a subconscious path to fitness.

Here’s the big tip:

No one ever wants to exercise on Day 1. You are not alone J
I did go on my first run today (in the rain) after six weeks of holidays, sloth and no exercise at all. I really, really, really didn’t want to go. However, once I had my shoes and gear on, I would have felt silly sitting on my porch all dressed up with nowhere to go. Once I was halfway up the street, I would also have felt very silly turning back. So off I went for my run in the rain with music pumping. I returned red-faced and exhausted but rather chuffed at my small achievement of a run to the beach and back.
Here’s my second big tip:
It gets easier each day. Do take comfort in the fact that tomorrow’s exercise will be easier than what you did today. The more you do, the better it gets – until it’s so easy, you’ll wish it was hard again.

Here are more tips on ways to get off the couch and get motivated fast

Get moving

Just commit to ‘moving in some way’ everyday. Whether you walk up the shops to buy milk or a do a lap around the block while your teenager is at the skate park, find little moments in the day to get moving.

Get dressed for the occasion

Just putting on my exercise gear makes me want to do something. If I wake up and dress in my everyday clothes, getting dressed and undressed again can make the task seem like even more hard work.

Make exercise ‘easy to do’

Some people sleep in their exercise gear so they can literally hit the ground running after getting out of bed. This makes the task easy. If you choose to go down this path, just leave your shoes, phone and headphones near the bed and you’ll be away and back before you can say ‘did it.’

Just do it

Yes, I know this is Nike’s slogan but there is some truth in this. If you spend too much time thinking about exercising you’ll probably find another ‘more pressing and important’ thing to do than exercise. Try not to think about it. After a few weeks, exercise will be a habit. Your body will crave exercise and your mind won’t even be part of the equation.

Do it ‘on the way’ somewhere

I find exercise much easier if it gets me somewhere. For example, I will walk my kids to school or cycle them home. Today – I had to wait on the porch for my daughter to be picked up for a play date. I figured, if I sat on the porch in my gear, I’d stay motivated to keep moving after waving her off. That worked! Yay!

Enlist a friend

Tell a friend who also wants to exercise what you are doing. Friends can be great motivators and if you do get off the couch, you’ll motivate and inspire your friend too, which is nice.

Join awesome communities

Promise or Pay is awesome. You promise an amount of money to your favourite cause – if you don’t pull through with your promise. This is a real win-win idea for all involved and the community is going gangbusters.
Here’s their summary of how Promise or Pay works:
Make Good On Your Goals
When it comes to achieving goals, research shows that chance of success increases by 33% if it is shared with others and by up to 72% if money is put on the line. Promise or Pay combines these two approaches to help you stick to your goals by donating money to charity if you don’t follow through and encouraging others to donate if you succeed. It is the win-win way to make good on your goals and drive wide-scale social change. One promise can make a huge difference – what will yours be?

Check out free online resources

There are many other great free resources online, which can help you find motivation. I’ve always been a member of Sparkpeople (like a free weight watchers and very comprehensive). There’s also DreamItAlive, which I just discovered this week. Here you can post your Vision Board online and connect with others for support.

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