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Renovation ideas | Quick ways to jazz up your home

by Penina

Everyone wants to add value to their home, but sometimes the prospect of renovating can put off even the most passionate of home-improvers. It doesn’t have to be stressful though; sometimes a clear idea of where you’re heading can be all that’s needed to make things seem simpler and more achievable. Plus, there are a lot of easy and affordable ways you renovate your home too. Check out these renovation tips to boost your home’s value.

A lick of paint

It’s amazing how much difference a splash of paint can make to a room (or, indeed, the outside of your home) and you can often change the colour scheme of a room over the course of a weekend if you plan ahead. While you may have fantastic ideas about painting the living room in a vivid shade of scarlet, it’s probably best to stick with neutral colours and limit those wild colours to a single feature wall. Remember: when you go to sell your house, potential buyers may not have the same love of a particular colour as you, so exercise a little restraint.

New doors

Your doors are largely responsible for people’s first impressions of your home. If walking in and out of your house is a positive experience for potential buyers or renters, than they are more inclined to choose your home and value it more highly. A bold front door or sleek sliding glass door through to the deck can improve the entire look and feel of your property, so it’s a good idea to speak with an expert like AJ Doors Brisbane about what options would work best for your home.

Open up rooms

There’s nothing quite like knocking down a connecting wall to make two smaller rooms into one large, dramatic space – just make sure that the wall that you’re planning to tear down isn’t a structural one! Check the plans for your house for the location of supporting beams and, if you’re uncertain, call in a professional.

New windows

A new set of windows can instantly change a room and will also bring additional light into a dark and gloomy space. During the warmer months, you can bring the outdoors inside by throwing open those new windows to let in those flower-scented cooling summer breezes.

Landscape the garden

Continuing the theme of blending outside and inside spaces, don’t limit your renovations just to the internal rooms; get outside and update your garden so you’ll have an outside area that you’ll always want to get back to. Research what plants are best suited to your area and soil type and check out the latest offerings on sale at your local garden centre. If you’re not into plants, maybe purchasing some new ornaments is more your thing. Or you could give your old table and chairs a fresh coat of paint.

What are your renovation tips for adding value to your home? What sort of things would you look for when determining whether an asking price is appropriate for a potential property investment? Post your thoughts and tips in the comments below.

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