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Roast Beef | 50 great ideas for using up roast beef leftovers

by Penina

Roast beef leftovers are a fantastic way to save on groceries each week. A roast provides a quality family meal as the weekend comes to a close. This delicious meaty meal is also great for supplying cheap and delicious sandwich meat for the coming week.

Leftover ideas using roast beef

This cheat sheet delivers meal suggestions for using up roast beef leftovers. If the meal suggestion you choose is a dinner idea, cook up this meal the night you cook your roast. Now you can freeze this meal for a later date and enjoy a no-cook evening when you just cannot be bothered cooking. If possible cook up extra batches of each meal. Put extra portions in the fridge for tomorrow night’s dinner or freeze for a later date (if freezing the meal is practical). Keep this list handy when planning meals for the month and lunches for the week. It is a great idea to cook a roast every Sunday so that you can create cheap and delicious sandwich fillings for the week.

Easy and quick

  1. Beef and bacon burger
  2. Beef and bean burritos
  3. Beef and cheese bagels
  4. Beef and cheese melts
  5. Beef and cheese sandwich
  6. Beef and gravy sandwiches
  7. Beef and horseradish sandwich
  8. Beef and mustard baguette
  9. Beef and mustard pitas
  10. Beef and Philly baguette
  11. Beef burgers
  12. Beef burritos
  13. Beef fajitas
  14. Beef pancakes
  15. Beef chimichangas
  16. Beef salad rolls
  17. Beef wraps
  18. Beef, noodles and veggies
  19. Cold beef platter
  20. Thai beef salad
  21. Toasted sandwiches

In the oven

  1. Beef and rice casserole
  2. Baked stuffed capsicum
  3. Beef and veggie potato bake
  4. Beef and vegetable pie
  5. Beef calzone
  6. Beef casserole
  7. Beef pizza with BBQ sauce
  8. Cheesy baked potatoes
  9. Cornish pasties
  10. Meatlover’s pizza
  11. Meat Pie (with thickened gravy)

In the blender

  1. Beef and veggie baby food

On the stovetop

  1. Beef and veggie soup
  2. Beef chop suey
  3. Beef fried rice
  4. Beef nachos
  5. Beef ragout
  6. Beef mushroom pasta
  7. Beef curry
  8. Beef stew
  9. Beef stroganoff
  10. Beef with blue cheese sauce
  11. Beefy tomato soup
  12. Stir fry with noodles
  13. Beef and roast veggie stir fry
  14. Beef and cheese crepes
  15. Beef and roast veggie salad
  16. Beef and tomato pasta
  17. Beef and veggies on rice

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