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How not to save money on cars | 10 ways to burn cash

by Penina

If you want to save money on cars there are plenty of strategies you can adopt. If you don’t want to save money on cars you could do any of the following and you will be sure to succeed in throwing cash straight out your car window.

Burn cash | How not to save money on cars

  1. Speed up when you see an orange light and get caught by a speed camera
  2. Don’t organise errands. Take a separate trip each time you run an errand.
  3. Fill your car up so that your car is heavier and uses more gas.
  4. Never evaluate your car insurance policy and look for a cheaper provider.
  5. Buy useless and silly accessories for your car that cost money
  6. Don’t shop around when you purchase your next car
  7. Buy your car brand new so that the minute you drive it out of the showroom it loses value.
  8. Clean your car with expensive cleaning products.
  9. Ride the clutch and drive your car as if you were a race driver.
  10. Never take public transport. Pay for parking in the city or risk getting more fines at parking bays.

The easier way | How to save money on cars!

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