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Shopping budget

by Penina

Stick to your budget

Whip in and whip out!

With Table Tucker it is easy to set your grocery budget each week. TT’s dinner budget is roughly $110-$120 per week (at AUD April 2012 prices). These prices reflect average market prices. If we (our family) bulk buy and use all the tips in TT, including shopping at local markets to save more, it’s less! Remember that TT works over time. 

See Money Crunch in our seasonal apps for statistics on savings you can make by shopping smarter, growing your own and buying in bulk. 

I find that even with extra items like stuff for bubs or washing powder, our bill rarely goes over $150. 

Further savings include your time (which is money), sanity and Earth-happy savings.

Savings also include the extra money you would normally spend on rash buys through lack of organisation. These extras can easily add another $50 to $100 to your weekly bill! 

The $110-$120 quoted above also accounts for our lunches because we rely on our combo meals to give us leftovers. 

Make a budget and stick to it. Only buy what is on your list and nothing more. Be strong! Stay focused! Whip in and whip out! 

Stretch out leftovers and book them in on your fridge calendar. Use up everything before doing another shop. Reducing waste saves much money over time. 

Use leftovers for lunches. Make your own. 

Try to document the savings you’re making on a spreadsheet or using an app. Send them in! I’d love to hear how Table Tucker is working for you. 

Also see Ultra Budget Tips in our seasonal app cooking guides. 

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