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Vaseline | 100 nifty ways to save with Vaseline

by Penina

Vaseline is a nifty little product. If you were stuck on a desert island you would want to make sure you took a tub of Vaseline with you. The versatility of this product is incredible and it’s a bit of a girl’s best friend in everyday life! Keep a tub in your bag for all kinds of emergency situations!
If you add Vaseline to your neck before spraying perfume on, your perfume will last longer! So next time you decide you want to flick your hair and waft past an admirer, seal the deal with a dab of Vassy!

Vaseline as chocolate lip-gloss!

Also, next time you run up the shops for a block of Chocolate on a Friday night save a piece! Melt that little piece of Chocolate down (you can use dark or white chocolate) and mix it with some Vaseline. You’ll have some instant, delicious tasting Chocolate lip-gloss! Alternatively, buy mint chocolate and you’ll have Choc mint lip-gloss. Your lips will fee choc-delicious! So kissable…
Perhaps you want to look more radiant today even though you don’t feel that way? This is easy with Vaseline! Simply dab a little on the cheeks with a tiny amount of blush for a glossy, radiant look in seconds! Add this action to your sticky perfume trick above and you’ll be feeling fly-as-Beyonce-in-a-video sister!
There are also less glamourous (but very money-saving!) tricks for using Vaseline. You can add Vaseline to dandruff on your scalp to lessen the itchiness, which is usually caused by a dry scalp. Or you can add this amazing stuff to lotions to extend their life and it will help protect cuts and burns.

Vaseline is also called Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline also has another name and is also referred to as Petroleum Jelly and was invented by a clever man called Robert Chesebrough in 1872. He called it ‘new and useful’ and named it Vaseline.  He’d got the idea after visiting oil rigs, where the pumps produced a residue called ‘rod wax.’ Those oil rig guys had been putting the stuff on their cuts and burns for years before Rob discovered it!
He took it home, developed it, stuck his label on it and I’m guessing the family are pretty rich from the sticky stuff now.
Says a lot of executing a great idea eh?
The next best thing about a tub of Vaseline is the price! It’s minimal! I recommend keeping a bulk tub at home and decanting a little into a smaller tub for carrying in your bag.
Access this great list of 100 ways with Vaseline on your phone or keep it handy in the bathroom or shed for quick reference. You will be amazed at all the uses this little tub of stickiness can do.
Have fun and get sticky with it!

Vaseline is cheap and handy!

Keep this list handy when getting ready to go out and keep a copy in the laundry or shed for quick reference.

100 nifty ways to save with Vaseline


  1. Add before perfume
  2. Add chocolate for gloss
  3. Add radiance to cheeks
  4. Add to a bird feeder pole
  5. Add to a toilet plunger
  6. Add to eye shadow for glimmer
  7. Add to lotions to extend their life
  8. Add to scalp for dandruff
  9. Add under eye shadow


  1. Apply before a flight. Help dry skin.
  2. Apply before fake tanning
  3. Apply to dry ankles
  4. Apply to dry skin
  5. Apply to elbows
  6. Apply to legs after shaving
  7. Apply to napkin stains
  8. Apply to pet paws and pads to make softer
  9. Apply to razor burn
  10. Apply to scalp for dandruff
  11. Bring wood back to life
  12. Brush on lips to exfoliate
  13. Catch flies on a jar lid
  14. Cheap night cream
  15. Chill and apply to cool skin


  1. Coat dry feet
  2. Coat inside of an ashtray
  3. Coat lashes before bed
  4. Combine with lipstick for blush


  1. Combine with powdered cordial for lip-gloss
  2. Combine with sea salt for a body scrub
  3. Define lashes
  4. Deter nail biting


  1. Help a dry nose
  2. Help a leaky pipe
  3. Help a squeaky pram
  4. Help blisters
  5. Help dry knees
  6. Help get rings off fingers
  7. Help inserting earrings
  8. Help make drawers glide
  9. Help reduce acne
  10. Help strengthen nails
  11. Help with frizzy hair
  12. Help your split ends
  13. Helps Eczema
  14. Helps wounds heal


  1. Lubricate a sticky light bulb ring
  2. Lubricate roller-skating wheels
  3. Lubricate skateboard wheels
  4. Make a matte lipstick shiny
  5. Make eye shadow less powdery
  6. Make nails pliable for a manicure
  7. Massage baby
  8. Oil a bike chain
  9. Oil curtain rods


  1. Prevent bar batteries rusting
  2. Prevent chaffing
  3. Prevent rust on metal


  1. Protect hairline when dyeing hair
  2. Protect hands from dirt
  3. Protect hands when dyeing hair
  4. Protect your face from windburn
  5. Put a little on a fire to get it started


  1. Put around nose for hay fever
  2. Put around the pet bowl to deter ants
  3. Put on a key to lubricate the lock
  4. Reduce foot odour
  5. Reduce wrinkles


  1. Relief for cuts and stings
  2. Relieve a burn


  1. Remove candle wax
  2. Remove chewing gum
  3. Remove fake eyelash glue
  4. Remove makeup
  5. Remove sauce stains
  6. Remove stains on clothes


  1. Renew a leather bag
  2. Renew nail colour
  3. Renew patent leather
  4. Revive leather
  5. Shape a moustache
  6. Shine chrome
  7. Shine your shaven head
  8. Soften cuticles


  1. Stop a lipstick smile. Apply to teeth
  2. Stop a squeaky door
  3. Stop bike brakes squeaking
  4. Stop candles sticking
  5. Stop nail polish caps sticking
  6. Stop taps squealing
  7. Stop teeth and lips sticking
  8. Tame eyebrow hairs
  9. Toughen up a tattoo

Unfix & unstick

  1. Unfix glues and adhesives
  2. Unstick windows
  3. Unstick fridge racks

Use as

  1. Use as an eyelid primer
  2. Use as massage oil
  3. Use as a simple lip-gloss
  4. Waterproof for mascara

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