10 magic motoring tips for buying your next car

I grew up in a car loving family. My father was always in the shed tinkering with cars with his best mate and brother Herman. The pair were inseparable and when they got talking cars the world around them seemed to melt into a sea of sound systems, chassis, engine types, makes, models, body styles and stereo systems.

My car mad family

My two brothers also inherited my father’s love for cars and music. They spent their youth with their heads under the hood and with grease on their cheeks. Weekends were spent pulling engines in and out of cars using large pulleys and lying under cars with a spanner in hand.

The Chyrsler Valient Charger

In the 70s my dad was the proud owner of an orange and black Chrysler Valient Charger. He used to drive us to school in one of these (see pic below). I remember screaming at my Dad to ‘not go too fast’ – but I have to say the ride to school was always a thrill. He was a man who loved to live large and that love, combined with my Dad’s love for music, made our childhood a fast and fabulous magical ride of muscle car and music magic!

Here’s a pic of that Charger!

Source: Wikimedia.org

Here’s some video action of that baby my Dad loved so much…

The mechanics of buying a car

Buying a car was always hot conversation for my Dad and Uncle Herman. They were, excuse the pun, mechanical in their approach and their specifications list was specific and detailed. I spent many weekends running around smoke-filled auction houses and auto retail shops. Other weekends were spent at stereo shops – sitting in a row with my siblings on a leather couch giving Dad our opinion on which speaker system sounded the most crisp.

Based on my own experience of buying cars, and if you are looking to buy a car yourself, consider these tips before getting started.

10 magic motoring tips for buying your next car

  1. Spend dedicated time conducting research on websites like Carsales. When it comes to buying cars time is money and the more time you spend on research the more money you’ll save!
  2. Read reviews from people who already own the car you intend to buy and get first-hand feedback on what is good and bad about that particular model.
  3. Definitely research car economy. The price of petrol is a major expense so make sure the car you are considering is economical.
  4. Review websites such as Consumer Affairs and Redbook for recommendations, used values and to how to go about legitimately buying and selling a car.
  5. Spend a dedicated couple of weeks reading and learning which car is the best decision. Cars are a big ticket item and once you’ve purchased that car it will lose value, so you don’t want to be stuck with a car you don’t like and have the problem of having to lose money to get rid of it and buy another one.
  6. Use checklists to help your purchase decision. These will assist you to go through the car buying process in a streamlined fashion so that you don’t miss any important step out.
  7. Talk to people. If you see someone in a supermarket carpark, for example, with the car you want, ask that person about their car. Car owners are happy to spill the beans about their car and generally will tell you everything – the good, bad and ugly!
  8. Finally be practical. Weigh up all the pros and cons of your intended purchase on a piece of paper. Remember – cars are one of our biggest annual expenses so don’t make a decision that will drain your finances in the long run.
  9. Don’t just choose a car solely on the way it looks. Newer cars have amazing features such as hands-free phone calls at the click of a button. Become aware of all features in a car and how they can benefit you.
  10. Consider the size of your car in terms of where you live and how you use your car. For example, if you drive in the city a lot, a huge Four Wheel Drive would not be the most practical choice in terms of parking and maneuverability.

What’s your dream car or your experience with buying a car? I’d love to know your story. Be sure to add your comments below and join in on the conversation!

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