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5 terrific tips for timing your next business move

by Penina

If I had to document my top 10 Things I Don’t Like to Do, moving house, pest control and removing stains would be high on my list. Another item that would make it to my list would be moving a business. Now this job is a whole new league of stress and if you want to test your business management skills and stress-busting abilities – then pick up the commercial property pages and look for a new location for your business. If you’ve ever done a big business move, you may have learned from experience, that there are definitely better times to pencil a business move into a calendar than others.

Firstly, consider this important point

In business time is money. Weigh up what your time is worth in terms of what you’d lose in business – if you moved office yourself. Also consider the impact of the move on your stress levels. A good course of action, based on the fact that your time is money, is to call a mover. Companies like Your Local Movers are professionals and will definitely take the stress out of this horrible job. Also use their resources and checklists to get organised.
Follow these helpful tips make your next business move as seamless as possible.

5 terrific tips for timing your business relocation

1. Avoid major holidays

Businesses and removalists have holidays too. So, if it’s getting close to Christmas, Easter or any other major holiday, it’s probably best to wait before you consider moving as it will be hard to find help around this time. Plus, you would want to spend that time celebrating and catching up with your family – not forcing them to lift heavy items onto a truck!

2. Consider the season and climate

It may seem like a small concern, but when it comes to moving, you do need to consider what the temperature is going to be like. Do you want to be carting truckloads of stuff into the removal van when the temperature is in the minus degrees? Similarly, do you want to be pouring with sweat when you’re helping the removalist heave tables and chairs all over the place? See, the climate DOES matter more than you may have realised! Try and choose times of the year in your area where the temperature is somewhat manageable. That way, the move will go smoother and your removalists will be in better spirits!

3. Consider seasonal costs

Consider the season. Sometimes the cost of moving can fluctuate according to peak moving times. You can save money by checking when the most popular moving times are, such as Autumn! In Autumn, the summer rush is over and it’s not quite winter and too cold. Such seasons are cheaper because business is slower and costs are likely to be lower.

4. Work around school holidays

Got children? Shape moving plans around school schedules. Schedule your office move during school hours, because moving is hard enough without having to look after the kids at the same time. Also – it is dangerous moving with kids around. So do this for safety reasons if nothing else.

5. Plan, plan, plan!

Download checklists and plan well ahead of time. Plan your move months ahead of time and break the larger job into small daily actions. Factor these actions into your work day. The longer lead time you give yourself, the better your stress-levels will be.
What are some things you consider when moving your home or office? Or, what times have you found the best for moving in the past?

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