10 simple shopping tips your dog needs you to know

Just because your dog is lying around the backyard looking all sun-drenched and cool, you’ll be surprised at what your dog is really thinking.

Here are 10 simple shopping tips your dog needs you to know – seriously…

  1. Don’t sniff around malls all day in a random shopping attack – you’ll waste money
  2. Shop from your kennel, you’ll save money and energy.
  3. Keep your money on a tight leash and create a budget.
  4. Pat your bank account by checking for unscrupulous account errors.
  5. Take water and treats with you so you won’t be panting for snacks at the mall.
  6. Follow the scent of great bargains by comparing prices online before shopping.
  7. Stay cool under the collar at all times and don’t panic. You’ll spend more.
  8. Take advantage of any loyalty programs you’ve been following all year.
  9. Don’t forget to buy your dog a present and reward him or her for their loyalty.
  10. Don’t take your puppies shopping with you as you’ll get stressed.
  11. Go for walkies to the mall late on Christmas Eve and you’ll sniff out some terrific bargains and rewards.
  12. Wag your tail and enjoy yourself while shopping – life really is short.

Your dog thinks you need this

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