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How to smash out Christmas shopping in under an hour

by Penina

Take the Savings Room challenge to smash out your Christmas shopping in under an hour. Here’s how to do just that.

Firstly, you need to know that this one big tip

It’s all in the planning. It also helps to browse junk mail before shopping and mark items out you think will suit people on your gift list.

Here’s what you’ll need

  1. Pen and paper
  2. Money (a budgeted amount)
  3. One hour (preferably an afternoon mid-week when its not crowded)


  1. Divide your gift list into age groups E.g  Women, men, boys, girls, babies
  2. Write a name and dollar amount next to each group
  3. Head to the shops

What to do at the mall

  1. Park as close as possible to your store of choice (mine is K-Mart)
  2. Go to one large store such as K-Mart or Target and stay in store (the stay in store part is very important)
  3. Now shop for each group on your list in one department (E.g Women’s jewellery, bags or cosmetics)
  4. Do the same for each group – allow 10 mins per group (Note: Sometimes it helps to buy the same for each group E.g T-shirts for all the blokes)
  5. Don’t forget wrapping paper and tape on your way out
  6. Pay and get to your car ASAP

Job done!

Now take the presents home and wrap them up straight away. You’ll be very chuffed with yourself and the level of your own efficiency. You can celebrate with a refreshing wine or beer while you put your feet up.

How are you organising Christmas?

Check out Christmas In A Box – the ultimate toolbox for planning Christmas.


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