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11 simple ways to weight loss

by Penina

If you’ve put on a few kilos over summer, you’ll know that awful feeling that comes with the extra bulge in your belly. Don’t worry, I’m sitting here at my desk writing this with that awful feeling too. You are certainly not alone. I’ve been so enjoying my food over the Christmas and holiday period and I am now starting to wish I’d followed some of my own good pre-Christmas weight loss tips! If you are in my position and you need to get back on track in terms of what you weigh, read on to discover some simple ways to lose weight without doing too much.

Just get moving

One of the simple things you can do say to yourself is “just get moving.” I started out doing little things such as taking the kids for a walk to the shops or walking over to a nearby park. If I’m at the skate park with my son, I will take a brisk walk around the block while he’s there and just fit a little exercise in. After doing some ‘little get moving things’ I felt so good, I decided to up the anti. I managed to get my first 5km run done for 2016 after six weeks in absentia. It felt good to find that motivation again.

Go for a walk – it’s low impact and easy

Walking is low impact and one of the easiest forms of exercise you can do. Health experts say that you don’t have to do much walking for it to make a big difference in terms of fitness. Consider going on a simple 20-minute walk each day and soon you will have such a love for the act of walking that you will want to do more and more of it. While the mind may not be willing, I find the body usually is. Shortly, your body will crave exercise and you won’t even have to think about it

Watch what food goes into your mouth

One of the most important points of weight loss is to watch what goes into your mouth. Consider keeping a food journal. This is the best way to figure out what you’re eating, what is making you eat and when you are doing it. Once you read back on a food diary and realise some of your mistakes it becomes easier to fix them.

Become a vegetarian

There are a lot of calories in meat. Becoming a vegetarian is a really quick way to lose weight and fast. When my mother became a vegan she lost over 11kg within months. If you are love meat, you could become a Flexitarian, and treat yourself to great steak on a Saturday night. Going vegetarian is also a fast way to save money. Meet is one of the most expensive commodities on the market right now.

Watch inspiring YouTUBE weight loss stories

There are many people on YouTube sharing the weight loss success stories. Be sure to check out some of these amazing stories online and get some of their motivation into you. These people have been where you are and know how you feel. They’ll describe the weight loss jenny from the point of view of someone who has been where you are. This is a very important point. There’s nothing worse than a weight loss story or solution coming from someone who has never been big. They may not fully understand your situation. However, do heat the advice of fitness and health professionals who do know how to stay fit and healthy. Such professionals are, of course, an exception to this rule.

Try eating fresh fruit and veg daily

Eat food that comes in its own jacket. Discard food in packaging and any processed food that is lingering around your fridge or pantry. Using the simple rules you will loose stacks of weight. Eat fresh and you will be able to enjoy as much food as you want. Note: Be careful of eating too much fruit. Fruit can hide a loss of natural sugar, which can actually make you put on weight. Do your research on the best fruits the weight loss.

Drastically reduce sugar and carbs in your diet

If you’ve been yo-yo dieting for years you will understand that many gurus reduce or quit sugar altogether. Carbs are also a contributing factor to weight gain. If you do love carbs, consider just eating carbs in the morning and at lunchtime. This way you will be able to burn off the carbs during the day. Have a light chicken salad. Enjoy a light-weight dinner such as steamed chicken and salad. The lighter your dinner, the more weight you will lose.

Here are four more quick weight loss tips:

· Take every opportunity to exercise (E.g Taking the stairs)
· Fit exercise into your normal schedule (E.g. Walking the kids to school)
· Discover unusual ways to exercise (E.g. Learning to dance using YouTube videos)
· Do exercise you actually enjoy (E.g Dragon Boat Racing)
Got great weight loss tips? Share them in comments below.

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