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Get the truth about saving money really fast right here

by Penina

Get the truth about saving money really fast right here
There are many truths about saving money floating around the web. I could list a hundred quotes and anecdotes that have been created on the topic. But here’s my little list of some I’ve learned from a lifetime of money, whether I’ve had it or not. In the next five minutes I’ll unveil the truth about saving money.

Saving money is simpler than you think

Many people think that saving money is hard when in fact this is one of the most simple jobs of all. There’s really no excuse not to save money in this modern era with the internet and how it’s full of incredible and practical information. If you think the job of saving money is easy – it will be. If you think it’s going to be hard, you’ll find it so. Mindset plays a very important part in saving money. Be as positive as possible and you will find saving money easy.
Saving Money

You can automate saving money

There are many ways to automate your money-saving goals. Firstly, I use Pocketsmith to manage money. This tool will categorise my money for me daily and then give me a daily figure (bottom line) of where my money is going. You can save money by keeping an eye on your money at all times. Here you can watch for any odd or unscrupulous debits from companies. Also consider setting up a direct debit into a savings account you can’t touch. I like Ubank because you can create names for your savings accounts (e.g Home Desposit) and easily put money away. Set and forget. Get a nice surprise when you remember about that savings account you set up 6 months ago!

Your money mindset is very important

Stay as positive as possible about money and use the law of attraction. Will money to come to you. Meditate on it and visualize money flowing into your life. If you’ve ever read the secret you will get my drift. Write yourself out a ‘cheque’ for an amount of money you would like. Focus on it with full intent. You will be shocked at the kind of money you can bring into your life.

If you don’t like money – you’ll never make it

If you don’t like money, you’ll find that you will never make it. If you believe that you can make thousands of dollars each day, it’s likely that over time you will achieve this goal. Many people grow up with the belief that money is evil. Personally, I have seen money wreck many people’s lives and breakup importance family relationships. I’ve also seen money change people and I’ve seen friendships breakup over money. But just because I have witnessed this kind of sadness, doesn’t mean that I can’t still value money as a means to an important end. That is the difference.

Money is your friend

You must think of money is your friend, if you want to be rich. As mentioned above, you need to change your attitude about money, In order to make more of it.

Other people will screw you over money

It is true that many people have been screwed over a dollar, $2 or even an incredibly amazing large sums of money. Be careful of all the scanners and these unscrupulous types. Absolutely do not open emails that of you millions of dollars in lottery wins. If it seems too to be true, it usually is.

Money is very important

Money is important. This is a fact. Without money we cannot have a lifestyle we enjoy. And it is for this reason that making money (aside from good health) should be top of your list of things to do today. Without money we cannot enjoy holidays away, good food, nice entertainment, a secure lifestyle and much more.

Money will make you happy

Money doesn’t make people happy. People can be bought with money. Many people will say that money isn’t the reason for their happiness all that they cannot be bought. But the truth is, everybody has the price and everyone will sell at the right price.

Don’t be afraid of money

Don’t fear money. Be aware that money is your friend. Put a nice picture of some money on the wall and visualize that money coming into your life and daily basis. Remember that money is the tool that would buy you the lifestyle and happiness you enjoy. Money will also buy your children an incredibly good life.

Don’t worry – manifest money and it will come

Finally, with a little bit of manifestation money will certainly flow into your life. You must think of money is a wonderful thing that you can make easily and that is abundant. Believe and you shall receive.
If you have any comments about money that I may have missed, Feel free to let the comments below.

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