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20 surprising reasons people dream of owning a boat

by Penina

If you’ve dreamt of owning a boat you might be surprised by the many unusual reasons people decide to captain a boat and venture into the big blue ocean. If you own a boat the world really is your oyster and the experiences on offer are unlimited from roaring up rivers with friends, to fishing with your mates or taking the family out on regular memory-making adventures.

Here are 20 surprising reasons people dream of owning a boat

1. They discover they’re quite affordable

Some people think buying a boat is off-limits because it costs loads, but you don’t have to be a millionaire to own a boat. There are a huge range of boats for all budgets from cabin cruisers, sailboats, ski boats, jet boats and fishing boats. The list is endless and if your goal is to hit the water, you can find a fabulous hobby on water that is within your means. Many boats are financed for under $200 a month and banks will finance them for longer periods of time, which make them more affordable in the interim.

2. People get sick of hanging out on land

It’s not hard to figure out that people like water and enjoy a ride on or splash in the ocean. Just visit any seaside town in summer and you’ll get an instant picture of the wicked ways water tugs on people’s moods and emotions. Then consider the amount of cruise ships out on the water at any one time. These places are like small cities now; with enough entertainment people never need to come home. Even retirees are living on the water for good and some have discovered that it costs just $15,000 more to live forever on water than on land while they see the world. (I’m considering this when I get old – seriously. Sounds like great fun!) Plus there’s something thrilling about salt on your face and the wind in your hair. This just puts grins on chins.

3. To meet unusual and interesting people

Like land, the ocean is a vast body of sea full of interesting people who also like boats. Many people join their local yacht club and enjoy endless summer evenings and weekends socialising while they spend time on their boat. Fishermen rise early and get out on the ocean to enjoy quality time with their mates. Finally, many people who buy boats are unusual and interesting. They’ve usually led exciting, adventurous lives and have many a tale to tell.

4. To escape the house and cope with life better

There’s nothing better than leaving the house to then hop on a boat. Whether your boat is a yacht or a small sailing boat, you still get the same sensation of ‘living in the moment’ that a boat brings. If you are looking for escape, a boat is one of the most positive ways a person can spend time. Time on a boat gives a person thinking time and a moment to reflect on what’s happening back on land. Perspective is a wonderful thing. Cheaper than a few hours at the mall!

5. To go on adventures

Life is short and you never know what is going to happen. Whether you are just going for a little skip around the bay or planning longer trips with friends, boating is a sure-fire way to maximise the adventure in your life. Every trip on a boat offers a unique experience and is thrilling to the core for the many boat lovers who head out on the ocean each year.

6. To bond with family and friends

If you are looking for one of the fastest ways to bond with friends and family, take them out on a boat. Some of the worst relationships have been repaired on a boat. Firstly, there’s nowhere for your relatives to go (but over the side) and you’ll all be forced to talk and hang out with each other. Not like Christmas – when people can escape into the garden, up the street or the park next door. Boats are a lock-in and can really work to one’s advantage in terms of spending never-to-be-forgotten ‘quality time’ together.

7. To get the kids off digital

I don’t know a kid on the planet, nor their parents, who would risk taking a phone or tablet on a boat. (Note: Make sure one parent takes one in a waterproof case!) If you want to build a kid’s confidence, spend quality time with the kids or teach them a sense of adventure then boating is an awesome way to do this. Plus – going out on a boat takes all day and everyone comes home exhausted. The kids will be so invigorated they won’t even think about digital when they get home.

8. To experience cheaper more frequent holidays

Boats are a cheap way to holiday compared to booking a hotel room or flying off to remote locations in the world. You can get on a boat over a short period of time like after work or on a weekend or plan more lengthy adventures. When you consider the cost of owning a sailing boat for example over a year, you’ll be surprised how affordable this can be compared to buying flights and hotels for an annual holiday.

9. To experience the euphoria exercise brings

Finally, you don’t have to go spend silly money on gym memberships when you can enjoy boats for all the glorious reasons above while you have a workout. Depending on the boat you buy you’ll feel stronger and more invigorated. If you’ve ever been on a run and experienced the joy afterwards, you’ll get the same euphoria when stepping off a boat.

10. To make friends fast without much effort

Boats are fun, period and they attract people into your life without you having to do much. Think about people who own swimming pools in summer. Their houses are always full of people. If you want to make friends and you don’t have the energy to build friendships from scratch, buy a boat. People will rally around you like flies.

10 more surprising reasons people want to own a boat

  1. To take awesome selfies
  2. To escape people
  3. To get a great tan
  4. To feel rich
  5. To get an awesome view of the sky
  6. To hang with the fish
  7. To show off their cozzie
  8. To impress people
  9. To show off
  10. To smell the ocean up clost

How to get your hands on a boat faster

If you’re looking to buy a boat there are lots of ways you can go about it. You can shop online, look for a dealer, or even buy from a private seller. Whatever you do, be sure to compare prices online first. Even if you’re buying a used boat, you’ll at least get an idea of how much you should pay for it. If you are short on cash but your heart needs to hit the ocean faster, you might consider financing a boat so you can get your adventure started. With a little research online you’ll be able to find the best boat loan offers. Look for a loan, which offers one hundred percent finance, fixed rates, and a flexible repayment schedule. Look for companies that respond to applications fast and don’t mind if your credit history is lacking lustre.
Did you know you could even decide to buy a boat for business purposes? If you plan to use the boat for business purposes for more than half of the time, you’ll reap some big tax benefits, as the boat would be a business asset.

Other quick tips for the prospective boat buyer

  • Simple interest loans are good, as the interest rate remains the same over the life of the loan. (Note: Some lenders are moving away from these to reap bigger commissions.)
  • Find the exact value of the boat you want. A loan broker can help you get a good surveyor.
  • Use your prospective boat valuation to figure to estimate how much you’ll need for your loan. It may be tempting, but don’t inflate values to get a bigger loan.
  • Providing a down payment will get you more benefits. While most institutions don’t explicitly require collateral, you’ll get better terms if you do.
  • Make sure you research as much as possible before you buy your dream boat. Remember that knowledge is power.

Do you have a surprising reason for wanting to own a boat? Leave your thoughts in comments below.

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