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3 ways to make remarkable savings on travel

by Penina

With the holiday season coming up, are you planning on a summer getaway? Travelling is a highlight for most people and the good news is, you don’t need to break the bank in order to have a great time. If you’re keen to travel but want some smart pointers on how to save on your next getaway, here are 3 tips to keep in mind.


Did you know that some travel websites track your searches via web cookies and increase the price of fares and accommodation based on demand? When you’re in the research phase, make sure you switch off your web cookies and browse in incognito mode online. Don’t purchase from the first supplier you find. Be patient and shop around – you just may find yourself a nifty bargain. Being flexible with departure dates is also the hallmark of a travel saver. For example, avoid peak travel times like the weekend, and peak travel hours. Accept the experience of a red eye flight on a Tuesday night and use your savings to treat yourself when you get to your destination. Research blogs and forums before you leave to take note of any customs requirements, tipping etiquette and general travel advice for the location you are heading to. This all sounds like a lot of work but preparation is key to substantial savings.


Look to reputable daily deals sites to find a wide range of holiday packages and travel deals. Most of these deals often include flights and accommodation in addition to added bonuses like sightseeing activities and dining discounts. From tropical paradises like Thailand and Bali to local gems like the Hunter Valley and Noosa, you’re bound to find something that’s to your liking. Subscribe to these websites so that you get daily notifications on the latest deals – that way you won’t miss out on any special bargains. Also take advantage of social media and see if anyone knows of any good deals or discounts. A quick status post that costs you nothing can lead to amazing savings and suggestions you didn’t know about. It’s all about being resourceful with what you have.


Once you’ve decided on a holiday destination, create a realistic budget and start making tiny sacrifices to your day-to-day expenses. The sooner you do this; the more money you will accumulate to enjoy while on holidays. Would you rather have an extra drink after work, or a cocktail on your getaway? Budget now, stick to it and save. You can also cut costs on holidays without cutting quality. Choose accommodation that includes kitchen facilities, giving you the option to buy and cook local produce, which can amount to incredible savings compared to dining out. Research special offers on popular sightseeing destinations and see if there are any coupons you can utilise. Remember, lots of museums and tourist hot spots offer free admission on certain days, so seek them out.
Finding ways to save on your next travel getaway is easier than you think. A little extra planning and patience can go a long way!

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