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25 things people hate the most about Christmas

by Penina

There are three kinds of people at Christmas. The lovers of Christmas, the haters of Christmas and then there’s the hybrids. I consider myself a hybrid, since I am both dazzled by all that lovely glitter and then fearful of the potential spend.

The question is:

What kind are you?

Here’s a list I compiled of some of the things people hate about Christmas

1. Christmas itself – period.
2. Standing in lines at stores
3. Christmas TV adverts
4. Consumerism
5. Traffic, traffic and more traffic
6. Spending too much money
7. Is sad for lonely people
8. The crowds at malls
9. Christmas shopping
10. Deciding who to buy for
11. People rushing around like crazy
12. Getting the wrong gift
13. Not getting the gift you wanted
14. Traveling between houses
15. Finding a parking
16. Screaming kids at malls
17. Guessing sizes
18. Lugging bags of stuff to the car
19. Wrapping presents if you are in a hurry
20. Being too busy with events to shop
21. Drunk relatives and people
22. Putting on weight
23. Nothing worth watching on TV
24. Broken Christmas tree lights
25. Pretending you like Christmas

Is there something about Christmas you don’t like – what is it?

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How are you decorating your tree and home this year?

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