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25 tips for getting creative with cushions

by Penina

Cushions are key to any holiday home décor project. Whether you are popping on a cardigan to keep warm (would you believe I did this in summer here in Melbourne last night?) or frolicking on a beach with the kids, spending time during a seasonal holiday period spicing up your home with some cute décor will give any creative soul the warm and fuzzies.
Investing time on home projects during the holiday period, you will have visiting guests wooing and wowing over those simple creative statements, take a home to a new comfort level and also prepare the home for upcoming seasons. Even if major tasks like heating, cooling or insulation are the priority – you can break up these big (and more boring) projects with little interesting ones.
Holiday home décor is a win-win-win-win!

Here’s a way you can jazz up your home with a simple little invention – the cushion!

Places you can put cushions

Pillows and cushions need not be limited to bedrooms or sofas. Modern interior designers will set cushions down in unlikely places. Make sure the cushion you select matches the room palette.
Here are some spots you can place a great cushion:

  • Living rooms
  • Waiting areas
  • Patios
  • Breakfast areas
  • Reading nooks
  • Children’s playrooms
  • Swimming areas
  • Powder rooms
  • Walk-in closets
  • Master bedrooms
  • Guest rooms

Rules for placing cushions

You could just randomly place cushions wherever you like – but this act isn’t recommended. Have a think about color, design and the cozy factor you are trying to achieve.
Here are a few rules for cushion placement:

  • Stick to the same color family when matching cushions according to their hue
  • A maximum of three different-shaped cushions are enough for one small area. This adds variety and comfort.
  • Consider comfortable fabrics. Yeah – it’s not nice resting your cheek on a scratchy cushion.
  • Place lighter colored cushions on dark backgrounds so they stand out. Do the opposite on light furniture.
  • Place plain cushions on patterned furniture and vice-versa. This way your space won’t be too busy and the cushion will stand out against its background.

Buying cushions in-store

  • Cushions are available in most furniture shops like Freedom, Ikea, K-Mart and Target.

Purchasing cushions online

If you are short on time or you want to grab bargains consider buying cushions or cushion covers online.

  • When choosing cushions online, know the measurements you require before purchasing.
  • Know what the fabric you’d like feels like first.
  • Make sure the online shop where you are ordering from has good reviews.
  • Check the store’s exchange policy.
  • Check the cushions come with inserts – if you also need the insert.
  • Check the return policy.

Looking after your new cushions

  • Once you secure your cushions, know about how to care for the fabric.
  • Try to place cushions in areas where accidents and spills are less likely.

Do you have some great ways with cushions? Share them in comments below!

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