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3 part-time income streams to consider

by Penina

Increasingly more Australian’s are prioritising a work life balance and taking on more freelance work to suit their needs. Being a freelancer can offer many benefits, including flexible working hours and the freedom of working from home. If you want your slice of the pie, you may want to consider these part-time income jobs to either keep you in the work force or to supplement your income.

  1. Focus Groups

Signing up to a focus group means that every so often you will be called upon to discuss a certain product and explain in detail how you feel about it. Initially you will be asked a range of questions regarding your age, profession, interests etc. so that you are relevant for their target market. The length of the focus group can vary however the income is substantial and all that’s required from you is your opinion and time. There are many focus group organisations, so call them and request to be added to their database.

  1. Forex Trading

If you follow international economies and markets, you may be interested in forex trading which allows you to track international currencies and trade within any time frame. You can sign up for a trial and decide to trade daily, weekly or monthly. Far from being on Wall Street, the work is very flexible and offers great opportunities for people who prefer to work from home. All you need is an internet connection to get started.

  1. Freelancer Copywriting

Welcome to the digital age where content is king for online brands, products and services. There’s great demand for proficient copywriters and journalists if you are looking to supplement your income or if you prefer flexible working hours. Marketing agencies are always looking to have some good writers on hand too for new brand development in the form of writing content for website pages or to maintain websites with regular blog posts.
Tailor your strengths to the available options out there and you just may find yourself a nifty, extra income stream.

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