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50 fast hayfever tips for curing the sniffles

by Penina

I’m a hayfever sufferer and the season has finally hit me in all its crazy sneezing glory. One of the fastest ways to soothe a hayfever sneezing attack is with anti-histamines. There are a range of them available at chemists, which you can try until you find one that works for you. If you are a hayfever sufferer, you’d also be well advised to stock up on tissues. I suggest a box in the house, car and a handy pack in your bag or handbag.

Have you considered local honey?

There are also a number of natural remedies that have been proven to work. I was one such remedy by my Chiropractor brother-in-law Simon. He suggested I take a teaspoon of local honey from the area in which I live in. Recently I ventured to the local honey farm down here on the Mornington Peninsula and purchased myself a jar of ‘Local Flora’ flavoured honey. It does makes sense to me that the local bees pollinating those flowers could be the one’s who can also cure me of this debilating spring ailment.
The result?
Yes, this does work but is not an all day fix. I do get some instead relief from downing a spoonful of this local flora honey – so if you need a quick fix I recommend this method.
As I write this I am sitting here at my desk with the stuffiest nose on record this year, a sore throat and flu-like symptoms. Frankly, I’m just sick of blowing my nose. This is a real pain. My box of tissues is are officially my best friend until the hayfever season ends.
Here’s a mix of a few quick natural remedies I’ve gathered that you could try if you are a hayfever suffer like me and you are on a budget.

50 fast hayfever tips for curing Spring sniffles

Consider eating or adding these to your diet

  1. Local honey
  2. Kiwifruit and Vitamin C
  3. Pineapple
  4. Turmeric
  5. Onion
  6. Licorice and nettle teas
  7. Green fruit
  8. Vegetables
  9. Horseradish and garlic
  10. Probiotics
  11. Ginger
  12. Lemon and honey boiled tea
  13. Hot peppers (red peppers and chilis)
  14. Cartenoids e.g Carrots, apricots, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach
  15. Chamomile tea
  16. Green tea
  17. Peppermint tea
  18. Butterbur herb
  19. Grapefruit
  20. Omega three fatty acids (fish)
  21. Fish oil
  22. Vitamin E
  23. Reishi mushrooms
  24. Oil leaf extracts
  25. Raw food (fruit and veg)
  26. Unsalted nuts
  27. Sunflower seeds
  28. Onions
  29. Cabbage
  30. Blackberries
  31. Soya products
  32. Maple syrup
  33. Brown rice
  34. Barley malt
  35. Beans, lentils and tofu
  36. Herbal teas
  37. Drink water
  38. Dark green vegetables
  39. Oats

10 foods to avoid

  1. Dairy (mucus-forning foods)
  2. Sugar
  3. Excessive starch & wheat products (e.g pasta, bread, noodles)
  4. Caffiene
  5. Alcohol
  6. Tomatoes
  7. Oranges
  8. Red wine
  9. Chocolate
  10. Cheese
  11. Processed foods

Got a hayfever tip worth talking about? Leave your comments below.

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