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5 funky decor ideas to make your pad sing!

by Penina

Getting creative about home decor is a blast – especially when you save stacks of cash in the process. I love to leave my house and go on holiday but sometimes the best part of leaving is coming back. There’s nothing nicer than one’s own couch, the pressure of one’s own shower and being able to find a spatula or one’s favourite coffee mug that makes a house well – a home!
But despite my love affair with my home, there are days when all that post-holiday positivity starts to wane and I start looking around thinking how I really dislike that picture on that wall or that bathroom cabinet that isn’t fitting my can of hairspray well enough. I start rearranging furniture and go ‘on missions’ to brighten up my home and make it look as good as one of those beautiful homes I see while flicking through magazines at the beach.
If you’ve read many of my articles you will know that I am always on a budget and that I love to find what is normally full price – for like – half price or much less. ‘Full price’ isn’t a word I generally consider.
And there are plenty of ways to save and most of you will know one of my favourites is shopping online! There are huge savings to be made here. So with bills, mortgages and unexpected expenses to think about there’s no point paying more for a home makeover.
That’s just pure madness!
No. It’s much cheaper to start making creativity part of your personality so you can save big! Yes. Start saying to people at parties, ‘Well. I’m a creative….”
You get the picture?
Live creativity, breathe creativity, even fake creativity, until you become – well, a creative!

Here are five funky decor ideas to get your creative juices flowing

1. Quirky doorknobs

Sometimes the savings are in the detail. Show off your eccentric side by incorporating different styles of doorknobs into your home that will surprise and intrigue guests. There’s a plethora of designs out there ranging such as glass, ornamental and vintage. While not quite my taste, some of the quirkier doorknobs feature lion heads, hands and even a talking doorknob character from Alice in Wonderland and scrolls! But you could go for something more subdued of course!

2. Chalkboard doors

Have you ever thought of a chalkboard door? Enlist the help of professionals or go DIY for a weekend and create your own! These are great for kitchen pantries and children’s bedrooms. Use these for lists, notes and drawings. All you need is chalkboard paint, primer, rollers and brushes! The result is both funky and functional.

3. Vintage accessories

If you love the Savings Room, you will know I am a big fan of vintage! Draw inspiration from this style to create a unique and interesting home. Many retro or vintage items can be picked up at garage sales and markets. Also keep an eye out at antique shops and op shops. Items like old typewriters, dressmaker mannequins, retro phones, cameras, and weathered luggage (you can place in stack) will all add a sense of old-world and quirky charm to your home.

4. Inspiring mood boards

You don’t need to be a designer or artist to benefit from an inspirational mood board. Feature a collage of images, words and knick-knacks on a corkboard or canvas. Mood boards are a great reflection of your personality and can brighten a dull room. Start a collection of printable images (Pinterest is a great start!), slogans or use magazine clippings to create your project. Corkboards are a simple, low-cost option for a canvas, allowing you to move things around with ease. They are also great for daily inspiration. Let the process flow naturally. If your mood board takes weeks to come together, that’s fine! Let your mood take you there!

5. Swing-set table

If you really want to impress friends with a funky, innovative home, consider a swing-set table! The kids will always want to sit up at the dinner table and a table like this will bring back the child in you!
Thanks to the internet, there are literally thousands of sources to seek inspiration from. Home decoration websites, blogs from furniture stores such as Super A-Mart, and DIY videos will all help you think outside the home that is your palace.
Did you find this article helpful? Share your thoughts by commenting below and happy decorating!

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