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5 hot actions for a happier energy bill

by Penina

5 hot actions for a happier energy bill
Whether you are living alone on TV dinners or fighting for the sauce at the table with four screaming kids, the current energy prices for cooking up those meals could be as startling as the cost of purchasing those groceries at the supermarket.
But there is hope!
There’s no need to experience the dull ache of debt-depression after ripping open an energy bill at the letterbox.
No. There is a better way.
Don’t get angry – get even! Save money on utilities with these smart actions for a happier energy bill.
Check out these five hot actions for beating current energy prices and win the war on too-expensive utility bills!

Action 1: Jump online and find the best deal

Dig out your latest energy bills

Dig out your most current energy bill and have it on hand.

Jump online

Jump online and access a comparison service like Save Central. Sites like Save Central will help assess what your energy company’s competition is charging and will determine the cheapest rates.

Make a decision and get on the phone

Next call the most competitive company and make the switch! Make the firm decision to switch suppliers and start paying less today!
Why pay more? Most people are already paying more than they should for the same energy services.

Action 2: Walk around your house with a notebook and pen 

Review your home’s energy use

Most people get into bad habits over time without realising their actions. Life just gets in the way and often other priorities take precedence over saving energy.
For example, leaving a hallway light on every night for little Missy (so everyone can get some peace!) might be more important to family well-being than turning the light off. But over time such costs can really add up. Perhaps it would be better to supply little Missy with a lower energy-saving night-light!

Do an audit of your electrical appliances and tech devices

Make it part of your regular routine to switch off appliances and devices at the power point generally and also before going to bed. This single action can make an amazing difference over the course of one year and can save up to 10% of your energy bill. Install power boards for so numerous appliances can be switched off at once.

Action 3: Install energy saving light bulbs

Switch to LED light bulbs

Replace light bulbs with energy saving globes. Replacing halogen with led, also saves energy by producing a pure light without wasting energy on heat. In addition to globes, lamps and spotlights use less energy than main lights in a home.  Try to use these as an alternative.

Action 4: Install energy saving light bulbs

Fix leaking taps and save water

Did you know that a dripping tap can waste around a litre of water each hour? Check your home for leaking taps and have them fixed asap!

Action 5: Put these tips into action!

These few simple actions will certainly put more cash in your stash, while also reducing your impact on the environment!
It’s a win-win saving energy!
If you put these hot tips into action, you will experience continued warm and fuzzy moments of satisfaction when opening energy bills at the letterbox. Yippee!

More tips on how to save on utilities

Be sure to check out all my articles on electricity, gas and water! These cheat sheets will pay for your next holiday or your entire Christmas break! Actions like these are certainly worth considering in terms of what you can spend the savings on!

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