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5 sure ways to avoid a car service rip-off

by Penina

If you are sending your car in for a service or repairs you might be worried about getting ripped off. The mechanic might do ‘unnecessary work’ and hand you a large bill for those ‘so-called’ extra costs.
If you want to enjoy more peace of mind when dealing with mechanics take a look at these five sure ways to avoid a car service rip-off.

1 – Ask questions

Don’t worry about sounding silly. While the mechanic might be the expert at servicing your car, you have the right to ask any questions you like. After all, it’s your car and money.
Question every item on the bill to understand why the repair was necessary. If possible, find out what the proposed work will be and determine if the work needs doing now or if it can be delayed. Most reputable companies will be happy to explain these items and proposed fixes.

2 – Ask about surprise costs

While working on your vehicle, a mechanic may call to discuss unexpected repairs that need doing. Be scrupulous and strict if you receive such a call. Often they will be trying to ‘upsell’ you into unnecessary repairs.

3 – Explain issues in detail

If you have a particular car issue, be as detailed as possible about what’s been happening with your car. This will help the mechanic understand the problem quicker, which will result in less testing time and thus labour costs.

4 – Get a second opinion and compare services

If you are uncertain about repairs, ask another company for a second opinion.
Even when it comes to your standard logbook service (as listed in your owner’s manual), it is useful to compare providers because there is usually no set price for servicing or parts.
But, remember this:
Price is not the only matter to take into account. Also consider quality, service and how you are treated as a customer.
If you have a new car, you need not use the official dealerships. Just ensure that an authorised repair company carries out the maintenance and service. Some companies also specialise in certain makes, such as a Hyundai service specialist or a Ford service specialist.

5 – Quality parts

Ensure the best quality parts are used. Reputable mechanics know when you to use genuine replacement parts and when you can save money on generic parts. Quality parts, lubricants and coolants are essential to ensure your car runs effectively and your warranty remains intact.
To avoid being ripped off at your next service and to feel confident about the service and repairs done to your vehicle, chat to Perth Hyundai service company Sharp Autocare today by calling (08) 9434 5533.

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