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5 tips for a hassle-free honeymoon

by Penina

I planned a dream wedding once. It was going to be amazing. My hubby-to-be and I were planning to arrive by boat on the Yarra River and take our vows inside an outdoor atrium with all our friends perched around the edges. Then we planned a gorgeous garden party with fairy lights, delicious canapes and drinks for all.

But erase that!

At the last minute, we decided to elope and ended up getting married outside a restaurant on Glenelg Beach in Adelaide on Valentine’s night in front of a bunch of strangers! Long story – but a good time was had by all – especially by us! And it was a good thing, because the actual dream wedding we had planned would have taken place on Melbourne’s most rainy day ever. The river overflowed, the highways were closed and swollen with water and our gorgeous backyard was a swamp.
So we got lucky in terms of the whole decision to elope. We followed up the whole experience with a honeymoon across the Nullarbor in our van and this was the best fun ever!
After tying the knot most newlyweds go on a mission to fall into a secret heap of stress-free luxury, like we did!

Follow these tips to make sure your honeymoon has all of the romance without any of the hassle.

1. Make early decisions and have a backup plan

Before dawdling down the aisle, discuss your ideal holiday. Whether you want to pop on some skis in at a ski resort or soak up the sun on a beach, as the destination for celebrating the start of your wedded life, your priorities should also be established.

2. Let’s look at the skiing scenario

You might want to soak up a delicious book while sipping on a hot chocolate. Your partner on the other hand might be itching to take a dash down the slopes on a new new snowboard. If this how your skiing holiday pans out, you might start your honeymoon out with a fight! Others scenarios might include slopes that are closed altogether or standing in the foyer with another couple because your hotel got double-booked! Anything could happen. So make decisions early and have a backup plan.

3. Housekeeping

Be sure to have all the aspects of your household routine taken care of before you leave. If you’re friendly with your neighbours, ask them to collect mail in your absence. Give them your daily newspaper so they can enjoy it! If you have a dog or cat, book them into a kennel early, or organise leaving them with a friend or relative. If the thought of leaving your house causes anxiety, you could enlist a younger relative to house sit, ensuring you don’t have to worry about getting robbed while away. At the very least ensure you secure your home and belongings thoroughly before leaving.

4. Rest up

By the time you exchange rings and time zones, you’ll be exhausted. Book extra time to catch up on sleep upon arrival, even if it involves an overnight stay at the hotel near the airport before heading to your luxury location. Lounge by the pool, indulge in post-lunch naps, and make sure you pair adventure with some much-deserved down time. Take advantage of any chance to pamper yourself along the way and budget for it. A romantic “his and hers” massage would be great start!

5. Pack smart

Pack smart and light. Don’t overload bags with items you don’t need. While it is good to pack those just-in-case extras—wet weather gear, safety supplies, and emergency medications— decide on need versus want. Remember airlines charge hefty prices for extra luggage these days. Pack neutral coloured clothes. This way you don’t have to take shoes to match! Be sure to leave room for souvenirs and invest in a good-quality suitcase. To save money , try places like Luggagedirect.com.au to find affordable and quality baggage at reduced prices.

Bonus Tip: Invest in travel insurance

Traveller’s insurance can be the difference between a dreamy escape and the holiday from hell. While this might seem like just another expense unforeseen circumstances do happen, which can force you to cancel your plans and acccidents can happen. Fingers crossed they don’t. Similarly, if you stuff gets damaged or stolen while travelling, you are covered for replacement costs, and it provides a safety net for illness or accidents.
So! Hope you enjoyed these hot tips for saving your honeymoon.


Enjoy yourself and enjoy the moment! Unless you get divorced and remarried – you only get one wedding and one honeymoon! Remember – life is short.
Have a happy honeymoon!

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