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5 top tips for vacuuming up your debts and ditching your day job

by Penina

5 top tips for vacuuming up your debts and ditching your day job
Let’s face it; cleaning is a part of life. If you have mastered the art of domestic bliss at home and wish to increase your income, you could consider putting those perfectionist-cleaning skills to work in your own small business. If you don’t like working the 9-5 grind for a boss, working as an independent cleaner is a great way to make money. You can pop on your headphones and bob away your work hours, kilos and even debt while working a flexible schedule around those personal commitments. But getting started is difficult, so here are 5 fab tips for quitting your day job while you vacuum up your debt.

Become a franchise owner

While it seems logical to start your own cleaning business, it is better, if you are inexperienced in business, to become a franchise owner of an already successful cleaning service or company. Commercial cleaning companies, such as AMC Brisbane , already have hundreds of franchises across Australia and are always looking to expand. By becoming a franchise owner you receive certified training, support, a securely established client base and a stable income, which is not always guaranteed when you are working alone. You can also avoid capital costs, such as independent advertising and marketing.

Take out insurance

Many independent cleaners do not have insurance, but if you are serious about running a professional service make sure you take out insurance. Public Liability Insurance will protect you if you happen to damage or break any valuables, furniture or fixtures while you clean, and cover any cost involved in fixing or replacing these items. Having insurance may also be a potential selling point of your cleaning service and be attractive to some customers.

Set a reasonable hourly rate

When you are starting out as a cleaner it is important to get your hourly rate right. You don’t want to price yourself out of the market, but at the same time, you don’t want to set a too-low hourly rate, which could indicate a poor level of cleaning quality. The best way to decide on price is to ring up local independent cleaners and find the average hourly rate for your area.

Make arrangements for children

If you have children or other family commitments, it is important that you organise your appointments to avoid disappointing clients. For example, if you have children, arrange childcare for them during the school holidays. It is not acceptable to skip house cleans for several weeks because you have to take care of your children. If you do this, it is likely your clients will source a more reliable cleaning service.

Be flexible with it

Keep in mind that clients are going to like different cleaning methods and products for their home or business. Have your own cleaning products on hand in case they expect you to supply everything. On the other hand, some clients prefer their own cleaning product brands. Make sure this is clarified at your first meeting, along with how regularly they want you to clean and what areas of the house or business they want you to focus on.
While becoming an independent cleaner is a great career, it is often easier to become a franchise owner to avoid the complexities and associated costs and risks of starting your own business.
What other tips do you have for people aspiring to become financially independent cleaners?

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