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6 ways to avoid electricity bill shock

by Penina

6 Ways Avoid Electricity Bill Shock
I love winter for many reasons but not for my electricity bill. Since I am a ‘creature comforts’ type I cosy up in my Uggies, dressing gown and beanie. This year – due to ‘the renovation’ and subsequent lack of heating at my place, by 7pm most nights I’m perched on the couch, cuddling kids with hot water bottles, pillows, blankets, books and remote controls within arms reach. It’s a love-in, a lock-in and an ‘I’m-not-getting-back-up-in.’
I also get a lot of pesky jobs tied up in winter. I win the battle with my paper war, sort through photos and memorabilia and get stuff sorted that just wouldn’t happen during the busier social summer months.
But there are a few aspects of winter that I dread. The cold for one (that’s a no-brainer) and also the associated utility bills related to keeping that cold at bay. This is especially true for people living in the southern part of Australia like me.  My ‘four seasons in one day’ city turns into just one season and my word for this is season is: COLD.
So here are 6 ways to slash your electricity bill so you aren’t left standing at the mailbox in your Uggies and dressing gown, open-mouthed, out-of-pocket and in shock. Get that power bill down and fast!

Here are 6 ways to avoid electricity bill shock

1. Bring in the sunshine with skylights

Professionals such as Roofmasters can install skylights in your  home. This is a relatively inexpensive way to save on electricity, as once installed there are no ongoing costs. Skylights are an ideal low-cost alternative, allowing extra winter sun to reach inside the home, which reduces the need for cranking up that heater beyond financial repair.

2. Invest in energy-efficient lighting to save power

The type of globe is important to a light’s energy-sapping ability. Most modern homes are now using energy-efficient lighting, but for maximum money-saving results use LEDs. Although these are slightly more expensive, they pay off in the long run.
And remember; when you’re not using a light, switch it off. Become a ‘switch-it-off nut’ like me!

3. Watch your star ratings

Appliances can have a big effect on electricity, so it’s important to give everything the once over before winter sets in. Check star ratings on old appliances and consider replacing old appliances with their more energy-efficient alternatives.

4. Rug up

Become a ‘creature comforts’ type like me. Rather than turning up the heat, arm yourself each night with enough warm ammunition to keep those electricity bills at bay. If you are dressed warm you will be less likely to set your heater to ‘furnace’ temperature and more likely to set heating so you are just taking ‘the edge’ off the cold in the room.
Tip: Buy some new socks and slippers, and keep some throw rugs on the lounge to throw over yourself when sitting still in front of the telly or reading a book.

5. Keep a cosy bedroom

Running a heater all night in your bedroom is a really fast way to bring on power bill shock. Once again, set your bedroom up to fight the cold. Add extra blankets; invest in an electric blanket and pull that hot water bottle out of the closet. These simple tactics will keep you warm and save you big dollars! It’s a win-win.

Monitor the temperature

Directly relate every degree on your heater control panel to dollars. Yes. Every degree your temperature goes up, so will your utility bills. Aim for between 18–21 degrees at most. Depending on what heater you have, this is easy to monitor and set on a heater’s control panel. If not, try investing in a thermometer to mount on the wall in your living area to keep an eye on the room temperature.
Winter will always deliver higher electricity costs, but this fact doesn’t mean you should give up and let electricity shock be part of your regular visit to the mailbox. Little actions do add up and make a big difference. It is well worth becoming an energy-watching maniac. You’ll maximise every dollar you earned today in electricity savings! Yey!
What can I say? De-shock yourself, live a better day!


Rug up and buy slippers. Too easy.
What are some other energy saving tips related to saving on your electricity bill? How much have these saved you? Write your comments below.

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