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8 sneaky strategies for saving kilos this Christmas

by Penina

I love my food there’s no doubt about it. I’m the chick at the Christmas party standing near the platter of dips, chips and crackers just going for it. Then there are those puddings. Actually, I’m not much of a sweet tooth day-to-day. But at Christmas I change into a dessert- devouring maniac. There’s something about the site of a Pavlova, which I wouldn’t normally eat, that instantly changes my brain chemistry.
Well! I don’t need to remind you – but Christmas is almost here! Yeek! So now is a good time to get that body prepared so you can indulge in all those goodies without putting on an inch of weight over Christmas. Yeah – this can be done. I have some sneaky strategies up my sleeve for keeping those kilos at bay so you can bounce out of bed on Boxing Day floating like a feather.

Here’s the big bonus tip:

You won’t put on weight if you pig out for one day. But if you pig out for two or three consecutive days, the kilos will start packing on!

These are my top tips for keeping the kilos at bay this Christmas

1. Drink water

This point is a given. Water will flush your system of all impurities as well as help that fat move through your body and out of it. Highly recommended. Aim for at least eight glasses a day. At the very least, walk around with your water bottle on hand. You will surely drink water if it is in your hand or near you.

2. Light dinner

One of the best weight loss methods is to have a light low-carb dinner. What you eat after 5pm has a major effect on your waistline. Have a steak and salad, or a piece of grilled chicken and salad. Otherwise have a small kid size portion of your favourite dish.

3. Lunch instead of dinner

Try to have Christmas lunch rather than dinner. This way you can pig out and go for a walk afterwards. This is better than having dinner and going to bed that night with a food-packed belly.

4. Eat large in the morning

Eating a big breakfast or lunch is a given. This will give you energy for the day. Try to eat less as the day progresses. This is a good weight loss measure on any day. Plus if you eat a big breakfast you will be too full and less likely to overeat.

5. Walk during the holidays

Get into the habit of going on a walk alone or with the family each day during the holidays. This will get you into good practice for the year ahead and is a nice way to spend some precious family time -especially with the kiddies!

6. Keep fruit on hand

Rather than stocking your pantry with naughty snacks, keep fruit and vegetable snacks on hand. Create some low cal homemade dips like salsa and snack on good food between any naughty meals you are planning!

7. Have a pre-Christmas detox

Consider having a detox on the days leading up to Christmas. Such a detox will result in you losing a few kilos which you will ‘have in the bank’ on Christmas day! That way you can enjoy all that feasting without the guilt.

8. Create good in-between habits

What you do between events is important. Be good when you are not at events so that when you are enjoying time at a party you can enjoy yourself and indulge. Think of you body like a savings bank. Save kilos so you can indulge.
Have you got some great ways to save the kilos this Christmas? Please list them in comments below.

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