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Baby games & activities | 180+ budget adventures with bubs

by Penina

Looking for baby games or cheap things to do with baby? This extensive list delivers easy ways to save on your next adventure with baby. This list is handy if you are a new or stay-at-home mum or dad and you are looking for cheap adventures to fill your days. Print this list off or access it on your phone keep when planning your weekly outings. This list will make sure that you make the most of your days and help you to create fabulous photos and memorabilia of your days together. The ideas will also bring you some much-needed sanity!

180+ budget adventures with bubs

Blow bubbles

  1. Attend free community classes
  2. Attend special events at the mall
  3. Be a tourist in your own town
  4. Become an audience member
  5. Blow bubbles at the beach
  6. Book health appointments in person

Borrow it!

  1. Borrow audio books at the library
  2. Borrow baby books from the library
  3. Borrow library DVDs
  4. Borrow some famous books at the library

Browse around

  1. Browse arcades
  2. Browse baby shops
  3. Browse home furniture stores
  4. Browse kids books at a bookstore
  5. Browse the inspiration section of a bookstore

Treat yourself

  1. Buy a new lip gloss
  2. Buy a tree together and watch it grow
  3. Buy bubs a cheap toy
  4. Catch a train
  5. Catch a tram
  6. Check out a new mall
  7. Check out family fun days
  8. Check out !owers in a hot house
  9. Check out local events
  10. Dip your feet in the ocean
  11. Discover free performances
  12. Discover the classics at the library
  13. Do a mums and bubs Yoga class

Drive somewhere

  1. Drive to a forest
  2. Drive to discount supermarkets
  3. Drive to get some hot chocolate
  4. Drive up a mountain
  5. Eat breakfast out together
  6. Eat fish and chips at the beach
  7. Enjoy a ferry ride
  8. Enjoy a festival
  9. Enrol baby in swimming
  10. Enrol in holiday programs
  11. Enrol in swimming lessons
  12. Feed the ducks at a park
  13. Find a great playground
  14. Find a specialist cake shop and share a slice

Be spontaneous

  1. Go and feel some snow
  2. Go bird watching together
  3. Go bowling with mums
  4. Go for a bike ride
  5. Go for a bush walk
  6. Go for a drive to the country.
  7. Go for a drive with your favourite CD
  8. Go for a power walk through a mall
  9. Go for a run with the pram
  10. Go for a swim at your local pool
  11. Go for a walk across a bridge
  12. Go on a city street walk

Become day trippers

  1. Go on a day trip to a mall out of town
  2. Go on a free holiday. Organise a house swap.
  3. Go on a regular walk daily
  4. Go op shopping
  5. Go out for brunch with friends
  6. Go out for co#ee and cake
  7. Go out for hot chocolate
  8. Go out for ice-cream
  9. Go out for lunch with friends
  10. Go out for pizza. Bubs can watch!
  11. Go out to buy grocery essentials
  12. Go the supermarket for items you need
  13. Go to a baby market
  14. Go to a bub-friendly sports match
  15. Go to a concert for kids
  16. Go to a kid-friendly matinee
  17. Go to a photographic exhibition

Go there

  1. Go to a play café
  2. Go to a story-telling workshop
  3. Go to an expo
  4. Go to Bunnings for a coffee and play
  5. Go to free play areas in malls
  6. Go to McDonalds
  7. Go to a mums-and-bubs movie sessions
  8. Go to O!ceworks for a free co#ee
  9. Go to Shakespeare in the Park
  10. Go to some summer concerts
  11. Go to the circus
  12. Go to the zoo
  13. Go window shopping
  14. Have a picnic at your local park
  15. Have a picnic by a lake
  16. Have fun at a costume shop
  17. Have morning tea at a kid-friendly café
  18. Hold an older baby on a whizzy dizzy

Join in

  1. Hunt down some live music
  2. Invite friends over
  3. Join a gym with a crèche
  4. Join a mothers group
  5. Join a toy library
  6. Lay on a blanket at the park
  7. Make a surprise dinner for your partner
  8. Make movies on your phone
  9. Make up silly reasons to go for walks
  10. Meet friends at the park
  11. Meet new people at Op shops
  12. Open a savings account
  13. Place !owers at a xemetery
  14. Plan a bbq lunch for mums
  15. Plan a road trip or holiday
  16. Put bubs on a two dollar ride
  17. Read inspiration at the library
  18. Read on the bean bags at the library
  19. Rent some baby DVDs
  20. Run some errands at the Post O”ce
  21. Sit in a hotel lobby
  22. Slide down a slide together at the park
  23. Spend an afternoon at the beach
  24. Spend the day on the beach
  25. Spray yourselves at a pharmacy
  26. Stay overnight in a motel
  27. Take a bus ride
  28. Take a road trip. Visit people.
  29. Take bubs for ride on their bike
  30. Take bubs on a mall train ride
  31. Take bubs to see an orchestra

Get snap happy

  1. Take photos at scenic locations
  2. Take photos at some rose gardens
  3. Take some books to the park
  4. Take the dog for a walk
  5. Tour relic ships and boats
  6. Travel to some interstate events

Visit interesting places

  1. Visit a castle
  2. Visit a cathedral
  3. Visit a children’s farm
  4. Visit a church or go to fair
  5. Visit a Conservatory
  6. Visit a cool city café for kids
  7. Visit a deli and sample their gourmet cheese.
  8. Visit a famous tourist destination
  9. Visit a farm
  10. Visit a gift store. Buy a gift for a friend.
  11. Visit a museum
  12. Visit a National Park
  13. Visit a pet store
  14. Visit a planetarium
  15. Visit a private garden
  16. Visit a public garden
  17. Visit a skate park
  18. Visit a street market
  19. Visit a tip store
  20. Visit a town
  21. Visit a toy shop
  22. Visit a weekend market
  23. Visit a wildlife park
  24. Visit an animal sanctuary
  25. Visit an aquarium
  26. Visit an art supply store
  27. Visit an historic building
  28. Visit an historic cottage
  29. Visit an historic mansion
  30. Visit an historic town
  31. Visit and ABC store
  32. Visit and aquatic park
  33. Visit and art gallery
  34. Visit and elderly person
  35. Visit di$erent libraries
  36. Visit every park in your neighbourhood
  37. Visit friends
  38. Visit grandparents
  39. Visit Ikea for a browse and a cheap lunch
  40. Visit music shops and play with the instruments
  41. Visit someone at work
  42. Visit the botanical gardens
  43. Visit the lonely
  44. Visit your dream home

Go for a walk

  1. Walk along a pier
  2. Walk through a city park
  3. Walk to a bakery
  4. Walk to a local mall
  5. Walk to the council offices and get event info
  6. Wash your car at the car wash
  7. Watch a fireworks display
  8. Watch a parade
  9. Watch a procession
  10. Watch a puppet show
  11. Watch theatre rehearsals
  12. Write a letter to Santa

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