5 simple ways to save money on baby

Babies are a wonderful addition to the family but they are expensive. In the current financial times parents need to arm themselves with more than just a wallet and a doting smile. Parents need targeted knowledge about how to save on baby and fast.

Two years ago I had my second baby. A beautiful baby girl I called Coco-Sienna. What a wonderful addition to our family she is. She now sits up at the table with us like a true flatmate, engaging us in conversations about ice-cream and dummies, and leading us around the house by the hand to show us her latest creations – her drawing on the wall in permanent marker. It is hard to imagine we ever lived without her cheeky smiling face and her interesting slant on life.

But since there is an age difference of five years between my two children (Saxon is now seven) it had been a while since we had to spend money on a baby. We had forgotten all about the true expense of babies.

What a shock it was to go through this expense again. We had sold all of Saxon’s gear off at a crazy impromptu garage sale (very stupid) and had to start all over again.

We did think to keep the cot – one smart move at least.

So having gone through two years of acquiring stuff for a newborn I am happy to report there are many ways to save.

Here are 5 simple ways to save money on baby

  1. Find suppliers up and down the age chain. Give clothes to a mum with a younger baby and free up room in the closet. Source clothes from a mum with an older baby so you don’t have to buy clothes.
  2. Make your own baby food. This is much cheaper and healthier because you will know what is going into the food.
  3. Scour baby markets in your area. Mothers practically give away their expensive baby gear at these markets.
  4. Buy discount nappies in bulk online or locally. Don’t buy too much at once. Don’t risk baby getting too big too fast.
  5. Dress up the nursery wall with fabric for a quick makeover. Ikea have a fantastic range of bright and happy fabrics for baby’s room. Alternatively source cheap and bright fabric on eBay.

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