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Budgeting tips for saving money on groceries

by Penina

If you want to learn budgeting tips for saving money on groceries, there are some tricky win-win tactics you can use, which will have you humming like a tradie with a trowel.
These tactics involve stepping inside the pantry (or opening the pantry doors) and spending some quality time with your packs of unused pasta, soups, sauces and seeds. The second tactic is to put your groceries into Yoga mode. Stretch those shops out like a really good dog pose. Hold that pose for as long as possible. Finally, get win-win about your goals.
To demonstrate the point, here’s an example of a win-win-win-win-win-win: Eat leftovers. Halve what is on your plate. Save the other half for tomorrow. Take the rest for lunch. Save money on dinner and lunch. Lose weight. Yippee!
Here are my top budgeting tips for saving money on groceries: 

Pantry as BFF

An empty pantry is great news!

Try to exhaust all ingredients and leftovers before you shop again. Cook until your cupboards are bare. An empty pantry is great news because you have saved money by not making extra trips to the shops, you have used up all your leftovers and you haven’t wasted food, which is money!

Make it last

Stretch a week’s shop over two weeks, which can halve your grocery spend over time!

Halve everything!

Lose weight

Need to lose weight? Eat whatever you are eating but halve your portions. Reduce your waistline and spend at the same time. This is a win-win! Yes! You can still eat donuts! Well, half a donut!


As you collect leftovers mark them on a calendar on the fridge to make sure you use them.

Freeze stuff

Avoid waste

Try not to waste anything. Freeze stocks from cooking and cook up vegetables into soups.

Question portions

Frequently check your consumption and ask yourself questions like these:

  1. Are you putting too much on each plate?
  2. Do you really need two large chicken fillets to create one meal?
  3. Could you use one chicken fillet and bulk up the meal with chick peas?
  4. Are the family really going to notice there are lentils in the spaghetti Bolognese?
  5.  Want to lose weight. Can I halve this dinner and eat the rest for lunch tomorrow?

Need more great tips?

If you need more ways to save money at the supermarket download money saving cheat sheets and printables! Use up leftovers, create quick and easy meals, find healthy budget lunch and dinner ideas!

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