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Bulk cooking tips for this Saturday night

by Penina

Bulk cooking tips: Cooking in bulk on the weekend and creating meals for the freezer is a productive way to spend leisure time, while also enjoying a relaxing cook-up in the kitchen. By enjoying a little cooking over the weekend, you will also reap many benefits including hassle-free weeknights and saving a large amount of money. Extra money always comes in handy for paying for other important events or life essentials – like Mothers Day!

There’s something deeply satisfying about relaxing on a couch knowing your money is still nicely secured in the bank. Every time I indulge in the simple act of cooking in bulk – I get that little warm and fuzzy feeling inside that I don’t have to worry about what we’ll all be eating and that this part of my busy week is sorted.

Relaxation, combined with a great hearty meal and more money always gives me the warm and fuzzies!

So, if you enjoy seeing money stay in your bank account and you also enjoy a little cooking for the freezer on the weekend, make this weekend a win-win-win!

Why not try these bulk cooking tips this Saturday night?

Enjoy the pleasure of a little extended time in the kitchen while you socialise with others or simply hang out on your own.

Here are my handy bulk cooking tips for this Saturday night

Step 1: Save money on groceries

Save money and shop online for groceries and book them in to arrive on Saturday morning ready for your bulk cooking session. For a simple bulk cooking session you could:

  1. Cook up a large pot of meat sauce
  2. Cook several soups using up leftover veggies
  3. Create a large stew in a crock pot
  4. Shred a few roast chickens for some pasta meals
  5. Roast some vegetables and enjoy delicious roast vegetable salads on Sunday or Monday.
  6. Cook a roast you can also use as sliced meat leftovers for sandwiches

Note: If you are too late for a Saturday delivery consider click and collect options or shopping in-store early Saturday morning.

Step 2: Fire up the kitchen for bulk-cooking fun

Start cooking in the afternoon around 3pm. Turn the oven on to preheat it while you start prepping ingredients. Have a plan for what you will actually be eating on Saturday night also.

Step 3: Get cooking

If you enjoy a wine on a Saturday night, your bulk cooking evening is perfect for this pleasure!

Step 4: Prepare lunches and snacks

While in the kitchen, also prepare school lunches and freeze them for the week ahead. You can even cook up banana bread or muffins for breakfast on the run or for healthy snacks. Also consider grating up leftover veggies like carrots and a zucchini for savoury muffins.

Step 5: Cool the food down and pop it in the fridge or freezer

Be sure to allow the food to cool before placing it in the fridge or freezer for the week ahead before going to bed. Note: Make sure the oven is OFF too!

The Result?

Wake up on Sunday morning knowing that all your meals and lunches are ready for the week and that your efforts will save you much money in the weeks ahead.

If you want a great resource for cooking in bulk check out my FREEZER MEALS cookbook. You can cook 28 dinners over a weekend and save hundreds on groceries this month.

Do you have any great bulk cooking tips? Share them with others in comments below. 

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