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Supermarkets near me – My pantry!

by Penina

Do you love saving money on groceries? I do. Don’t spend ridiculous money on sugar-filled condiments, sauces and meals you can make them yourself. Saving money on groceries is easy with some simple tricks. Think of your pantry as an at-home supermarket and buy your own homemade brands. You will not only know what is in your food, but the meals will taste delicious, less processed and you will be very chuffed with the savings.

Save money on groceries by rummaging in your pantry!

Freeze it yourself

Look at foods you can buy in the freezer at the supermarket. Now cook and freeze these yourself. If you make items yourself from scratch you will always know what you are eating. Make your own frozen peas, mixed vegetables, frozen corn and frozen winter vegetables.

Weigh up your time

Always weigh up the costs of making it yourself. For example, baking bread may not be cost effective if you can buy it on special for one dollar.

Package it yourself

Cut up cheese sticks for the kids and package them up yourself. Never buy pre-packaged items if you can help it. Saving money on groceries is easy if you simply skip packaged foods! Celebrate the savings!

Make sauces

Avoid buying pasta sauce. Make your own using diced tomatoes, wine, vinegar, sugar and herbs.

Make condiments

Make mustard, pesto and tomato sauce! Jump on YouTube and learn new tricks.

Make dips

Make hummus, salsa, Tzatziki and also a simple French onion dip for your next party. Guests also love homemade dips!

Make kids’ lunch box snacks

Cook up a big batch of muffins or homemade muesli bars at the weekend and freeze them for kids’ lunches.

Grow your own

Investigate starting your own veggie patch. Save big dollars over the course of one year. You will also know what you are really eating.

Freeze it yourself

Don’t buy frozen fruit ice-blocks. Blend your own healthy versions and make them yourself in ice-block molds.

Make your own rice

Add your own herbs or flavours to plain home-cooked rice. Do not buy packaged cook rice. Portion out the rice and store appropriately.

Make herbs and spices

Learn how to make your own herbs and spices.

Drink tap water

Do not buy bottled water when you can safely and happily drink it out of a tap. Refill your water bottle.

Avoid packaged salads

It is cheap and easy to make a salad yourself. Never buy packet salads when you can achieve the same in a lunchbox.

Buy in bulk and repackage it

Buy the bulk version of anything you can buy in individual packets. For example; Make homemade cheese and crackers for the kids instead of buying packet versions of the same. Invest in some reusable plastic food containers for packaging. Otherwise, recycle packaging to package up the portions yourself.

Make fruit and nut packs

Make your own dried fruit, nut and trail mixes. Buy the fruit and nuts in bulk from wholesale suppliers.

Make muesli

Make your own muesli using oats, dried fruit and nuts.

Make meat for lunches

Make your own deli meats for lunches by cooking up a roast on Sunday and thinly slicing up the leftover meat.

Be the butcher

Make your own meat and chicken cuts. Buy the whole roast or the whole chicken and cut up the pieces yourself.

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