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Cheap home decor! 12 reasons to invest in wall decals

by Penina

The power of a sticker is amazing in terms of how a mum like me can jazz up a room quickly and for a very cheap price. Whether you are a writer who needs inspiration, a student who needs self-expression or a parent who is just tired of looking at those dull old walls – wall stickers (decals) are a fabulous solution for the cash-strapped home renovator.
Wall decals serve a variety of purposes.

Here are my top 12 reasons why wall decals rock and they are a good investment:

Wall decals:

  1. Lift your mood daily
  2. Jazz up a room quickly and easily
  3. Are cheap to purchase and can be delivered to your door!
  4. Are easy to apply
  5. Will impress guests to your home and all your friends
  6. Be easily removed and changed depending on your mood and the season!
  7. Can instantly transform any room or surface
  8. Provide inspiration and self-expression
  9. Make your home look really modern and cool
  10. Are cheaper than painting
  11. Can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces including glass, walls, doors and even your car!
  12. They are a way you can really express yourself.

Wall stickers are a cheap and inspirational alternative to wallpaper and paint!
Here are some of my favourite wall stickers I found at Wall Stickers Cool, an Australian website with a large variety of inspirational designs at affordable prices.

Jazz up your kitchen for $25

Source: Wall Sticker Cool

 Cute decal for the laundry for $36

Source: Wall Sticker Cool

 Office inspiration for $24

I’ve just built a new office! But if you are in business this decal and other office decals offer daily inspiration for those hard days in business. I’m liking this one. This decal will jazz up a space for just $26!
Source: Wall Sticker Cool

Retro wall decal for a living room or other space for $28

Retro Wall Decal for Living Room or any Space
So if you are living in a rented space or you can’t afford paint and wallpaper, these decals are a very affordable solution for the cash-strapped home renovator!

Checkout these websites to get started renovating your home on the cheap!


Stay tuned for updates on my home renovation. I’ll be posting some pics of my office renovation in the coming months!

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A Little Bit of Cheek April 14, 2014 - 9:36 am

I love wall stickers, they are a great way to change the look and feel of a room with minimal cost.

wall art above fireplace June 12, 2014 - 5:59 pm

Decorating for your theme can be taken up a notch from the hand-lettered,
felt and Velcro displays found in elementary school.
A popular bedroom theme for little boys probably is
the space theme. A medium size room can make use of a smaller painting to give it a more spacious look.


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