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Cheapest car insurance Australia | Affordable companies

by Penina

If you have shopped around for the cheapest car insurance recently, you may have discovered that car insurance, in fact anything to do with that little metal machine that gets you from A to B – is a money-sapping monster!
Sure. I love singing in the car with my kids. I love my drive to work three times a week. It is a 15 minute drive and my car is the only place (apart from the toilet) I get to live between lives and people. My car time is my me-time. I love my car and everything it represents for a busy mother-of-two.
Freedom! Freedom from noise, dishes, laundry and bills!

Car ownership costs are rising

What I don’t love about my car is the cost to run it. Though it is an economical car – the costs associated with its life and livelihood sting our little family hard. I just moved suburbs and my car registration has gone up $200 this year – as did the registration for my husband’s car. That’s $400 we weren’t counting on spending in the last two months.

Insurance premiums are creeping up

A few years back I went on the hunt for cheaper rates and ended up going with YOUI. Back then I was working from home and their rates seemed great. Except I’ve noticed – like other insurances they’ve crept up over time.
In the last year, these states went through the following average car insurance rises:

  • NSW/ACT rose by 4.55 per cent to $1464.
  • Qld rose by 7.11 per cent to $913.
  • SA rose by 8.17 per cent to $931.
  • Tasmania rose by 11.75 per cent to $813.
  • Victoria rose by 9.21 per cent to $1163.
  • WA rose by 6.91 per cent to $931.

And if you are under 25 prices have hiked up to 10 per cent to $1361.
Stats source: Adelaide News

Affordable insurance in Australia

The best rates I’ve found are with companies such as Progressive, Youi or Budget. These guys seem to offer better deals. All three have good rates and Progressive also allow for one car on a single policy. This cuts out the red tape and makes it cheaper and easier to manage for the consumer.

Want more tips on how to save on cars and petrol?

Since cars are such money-sapping monsters I have put together a nifty little tip sheet to help myself and others save precious dollars where they can.
This sheet will help you to save money on car insurance, vehicle maintenance, auto accessories,, car accessories, car insurance and grab saving tips on buying your next car.

Resources include the following money-saving cheat sheet:

▪   180+ essential tips for saving on cars and petrol |  Read more to access all cheat sheets in the Savings Room!

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