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Christmas gift ideas | Hot money saving tools

by Penina

Finding Christmas gift ideas is simple if you arm yourself with the right tools. It’s easy to get carried away at Christmas chomping down on Xmas mince tarts and getting tangled up in tinsel. Fun, frivolous and festive antics like this cost money once accumulated over time.
How about a simple trip to the mall at Christmas?
This action is certain to reduce the hard-earned cash in your wallet and may give you debt-doldrums once you are home and have unravelled yourself from the experience.

Christmas gift ideas are cheap if you arm yourself with the right tools!

A person needs to be particular about budgeting at Christmas and this involves arming oneself with the right Christmas toolbox to get the job done.

Here’s are some items you should put in your Christmas toolbox:

  1. A calculator or one on your mobile.
  2. A budget and budgeting app to record your Xmas spend.
  3. A Xmas gift recipient list – so you don’t overspend. (And by the way – cull it now. Cut the thing in half and be ruthless!)
  4. Willpower! Don’t get sucked into all that marketing. Put your blinkers on while out shopping.
  5. A goal to enjoy the first week of the New Year with money!

Christmas gift ideas come cheap if you consider the big picture

The goal is to get so good at Christmas shopping, that you’ll be sitting on a stool with a platter of blue cheese and crackers ready to greet Santa when he slips down the chimney.
The key is organisation!

Here are my hot gift-buying tips for stashing cash at Christmas time:

  1. Shop straight after Christmas to grab bargains.
  2. Shop at the end of summer.
  3. Shop at the Boxing Day sales.
  4. Put away a little post-Christmas fund for buying up big for next year.
  5. Go to toy sales when they are on during the year.
  6. During a spring clean re-gift new looking items you may have lying around the house.
  7. Keep a cupboard of cheap gifts on hand. Wrap them up and mark them with an age/ gender for those people who bring gifts when you’ve not thought to buy one in return.
  8. Pick up generic gifts on sale throughout the year. These gifts should be for any age or use. Put them in the cupboard too.

Want more cheap Christmas gift ideas?

Read more and reap the benefits of all these great Christmas goodies!

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