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Check your stuff

by Penina

Check Bills & Accounts

It’s good to know that while I am working to bring money in, somebody else isn’t working to take my money away. 

Now that you have an extra three nights each work week, there’s time to take control of other parts of your life that are sucking your finances dry. Here are some essential ideas to get you started. 

With your extra time, write a budget and keep a close eye on your money. 

You can check your phone bill or credit card bill for odd listings or overspending. 

You can open a savings account. 

You can add up what you used to spend on groceries and what you’re spending now. You can put the difference away. 

I have found that by not having enough time to manage my affairs, money has dribbled out of my account without me realising.

Once you get some time to check your bills and what is going on, it will astound you how it all adds up. 

If you have extra time you will have time to shop around and check, for example, for a cheaper insurance policy. 

Flick an email to an insurance company for a quote in the evenings if there’s no time to call during the day. 

Start to question all those fees. 

Make a habit of shaving down your expenses.

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