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Eat for Earth

by Penina

Change a Habit

Don’t worry. I’m not about to go all Kangaroo and substitutes on you.

I dig the idea of eating my way to a better world. Saving the world by changing eating habits is about trying new products and meals and getting out of your comfort zone. 

In Table Tucker you will try one vegetarian meal a week. If you enjoy that, why not move it to two? I’ve started having vegetarian lunches, which are delicious, but I admit I still enjoy a great steak or slice of roast beef. 

Don’t worry. I’m not about to go all Kangaroo and substitutes on you. However, check-out Choices for Health if you have progressed to this Earth-Happy stage!

Writing Table Tucker has certainly made me question my time-worn eating practices.  Apart from reducing meat intake (see our Core Principles in our seasonal apps)  I think a great start is to organise yourself so you avoid buying and eating packaged junk food and over-packaged takeaway food (see Snack Ideas in our seasonal apps) and Fake It  in this app). I think I’d faint if someone tallied up my pre-Table Tucker  spend on these items, combined with DVD rentals and fines…(another story)! 

I have fun making my own healthy ‘fish and chips’ or ‘chicken and chips’ or ‘pizza.’ I make my own potato chips too. I often make up a healthy pizza and freeze it for a ‘fake’ takeaway night. It’s saving us so much money. 

I aim to make one little change a week. A dairy-food substitute or an organic version of a food item. 

Table Tucker  is about slow, but permanent change. I don’t espouse unrealistic ideas that are overnight or whim. From my experience, it’s easy to forget these ideas as soon as you get busy again. 

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