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Choices for health

by Penina

Find Healthy Tricks

I believe in finding healthy tricks and alternatives to my little addictions. 

I’m not a fan of diets or counting calories. Instead I believe in finding healthy tricks and alternatives to my little addictions. Here are some simple tricks which I have found do work. 

Keep a water bottle with you always and you will use it. When you’re bored at work, you’ll pick it up and sip on it. If you’re standing waiting for a train, it’s likely you will sip on it. We do a lot of standing in queues, so there are lots of opportunities to sip on your water bottle. 

I’ve already mentioned my little trick for halving dinner portions and taking the other half for lunch. 

Another trick is always to keep healthy snacks handy (Thanks, Paula!). If you attend many meetings, you will get offered platters of food and cakes. Boy, did I love those cakes! Get into the habit of snacking from your snack bags rather than the boardroom table! (See Snack Ideas in our seasonal apps.) 

Also add water, not more oil to the pan while cooking. Pre-plan your day to avoid temptation. 

Use yogurt as a substitute for mayonnaise or sour cream if the meal fits. 

Grill or microwave instead of fry. 

Choose lean and skinless. 

Choose unsalted or low in salt. 

Go raw, fresh, and in its skin. 

I try to snack on fresh fruit and nuts most days, but I do have pre-TT relapses at times. It’s my naughty streak. Can’t change that, sorry.

Make the right choices at the shops and then you can eat what you want because it’s healthy. No counting needed. 

Clear out your house of all junk food. 

Make a healthy cupboard just for you if others in the house won’t join you. 

Make homemade or raw treats. 

Most of all, try not to count calories. There’s enough counting going on out there without you bothering yourself with it. 

And don’t deprive yourself. After all, life is for living. (Also see Eat for Earth, which will help you to make further healthy choices.)

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