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How to clean a bedroom fast in five easy steps

by Penina

There are plenty of reasons you might want to clean your bedroom fast. Perhaps you have your mother-in-law coming over or if you’re like me, you just want to get the job done because you don’t like to clean. Well, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to help you get sorted as soon as possible. I can do this within minutes too, in just five easy steps.
So here we go. My timer is on.

Here’s the big tip:

For any sorting or organising around the house put “like” items together. This rule will carry you very far within your home. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I’m always harping on about this point. Just read my How to clean a kitchen in five minutes article and you’ll understand fast what I’m on about.

Read on to discover on my method on how to clean your bedroom fast in five easy steps

Step 1: Get everything off the floor

Get everything off the floor and put it on the bed. Place a laundry basket, a rubbish bin and a third bucket next to the bed.

Step 2: Place like items into piles

Now that you have everything off the floor and on the bed it’s time to sort those piles into “like” items.
These are the piles I end up with:

  1. Clothes to put away
  2. Clothes for the laundry basket
  3. Rubbish
  4. Things that don’t belong

Step 3: Put items in their spots

Now it’s time to put those items away and in their baskets and bins. So do just that. Grab a bunch of hangers and place clothes onto hangers and leave them on the bed. Don’t walk back and forth with one article of clothing on a hanger to deliver it to its one spot. Wait until all items are on their hangers (collect them all on the bed) and then take all of the hangers to the wardrobe at once.
Next do this:

  1. Throw all the dirty clothes into the laundry basket
  2. All the rubbish into the bin
  3. All the things that don’t belong into the third bucket
  4. Placed all three buckets out into the hallway and out of the room

Step 4: Strip the bed, clean surfaces and vacuum

Big tip 2: Never leave a room when you were cleaning it. Make sure you have everything you need in the room to get the job done.
1. Now strip the bed
2. Throw the sheets and doonah cover into the laundry basket in the hallway
3. Wipe down surfaces with cleaning spray
4. Straighten and organise items on dressing tables
5. Vacuum and dust
6. Now make the bed up with a new set of sheets and covers
7. Fluff up pillows and place cushions on the bed to pretty things up

Step 5: Take out the trash and make the bed

Now that the room is ship-shape, leave the room taking everything with you including the vacuum cleaner and all cleaning items. Moved to the next bedroom if necessary and do the same. At the end of this process take the rubbish out, put the washing on and return all items in the third bucket to bedrooms as you go.
This is the method I use to clean my house.
Note: My house is very long. So long, in fact, my kids ride their scooters up the hall. If I didn’t clean my house this way I would go crazy cleaning it any other way. Works for me.
Do you have a great cleaning method that rivals mine? Be sure to leave your comments on my Facebook page.
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