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Clever ways to make simple savings around the house

by Penina

Making simple savings are easy and there are plenty of clever ways to save around the house. Today I’m literally going from room to room looking to make some simple savings. Come along with me on this little journey and we’ll take a look at some small clever savings you can make today.


The kitchen is one of the fastest places in the house to save money for the simple fact that groceries are hugely expensive.
Firstly, consider doing your groceries online. To start with, you’ll save petrol getting to the shops and back, but there are many other reasons to shop online.
Secondly, shop in your house. Try to eat up everything in your pantry, fridge and freezer before shopping again.
Tip: Skip grocery shopping as often as you can.
By shopping online and spending (nothing) in your pantry, you will also save money on parking and petrol. Also investigate little ways to save in the kitchen such as using cheap bread from supermarkets (the $1 loaves) for toast and use fresh bakery bread sandwiches. You will slash your bread budget in half doing this.
The Savings Room is full of ideas on how to save money on groceries. Do spend time investigating all the ways you can save and you’ll be absolutely shocked at simple savings you can make each year. I’m talking enough for that home deposit!
Tip: The kitchen is one of the most lucrative places to make simple savings. 

Clever ways to make simple savings around the house

condesign / Pixabay

Bathroom and laundry

There are plenty of ways to save in the bathroom too. I have three products that are all you really need to produce simple savings on home and beauty products.
These are:

  1. Vinegar
  2. Baking soda
  3. Vaseline

Check out my fantastic resources for making simple savings in the bathroom and laundry.
Tip: Think of simple savings like these as more money in the bank!

Make simple savings with vinegar or baking soda

Artheos / Pixabay


Bedrooms are probably the least likely place you think you can save money. When I first started thinking about this, I thought, yes there’s probably not much I can save. But I’ve discovered there’s much to save in the bedroom!
Firstly, consider buying clothes online, at places like K-Mart and in secondhand stores in your area. I always shop in secondhand shops in super rich areas because I know I’m going to find some nice designer gear. Simply, I don’t like paying full price for clothes. Usually, I can always find a better place to put my money like the home renovation, kids clothes or items for the whole family.
If you’re looking to give your bedroom a total makeover, checkout Gumtree for bargains on venetian blinds and cut-price (or even FREE) bedroom furniture to give your bedroom a facelift for the coming season.
Tip: Sometimes simple savings are the best ones to make!

Make simple savings in the bedroom

sferrario1968 / Pixabay

Living room

Your living room is also a great place to make simple savings.
Firstly, save on books on the bookshelf by purchasing books at secondhand bookstores and also online at eBay, Gumtree. People are always discarding books that they have read and wish to share with others.
There are also plenty of online book sellers who sell new books at discount prices. Be sure to check these out too.
Finally consider buying digital books as these can be considerably cheaper than buying the book in hardcopy.
Here are four more ways to save (and make money) in your living room:

  1. Shop around for a good internet provider for streaming video
  2. Invest in an Apple TV instead of getting Foxtel
  3. Turn off appliances at the wall before going to bed to save electricity
  4. Watch YouTube videos and learn new stuff to increase your job and salary chances

Tip: Simple savings are easy. Especially when they are executed from a couch!

make simple savings in the living room

ErikaWittlieb / Pixabay


Finally, the shed is a gold mine in terms of its money-making capacity. Certainly put your stuff on sites like eBay and Gum tree. Enjoy a physical and mental cleanse while make money getting rid of old junk.
Put some nice cash in your pocket and put it in the Piggy for a rainy day!
Got some great ways to make some simple savings around the house? Share them today.

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