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Small and unusual ways you can save money today

by Penina

There are many tried and tested ways you can save money today and you will find many of them here in the Savings Room. There are close to 30,000+ tips here. I’ve been writing saving tips for over four years now and I’ve written the equivalent of four self-help books worth of tips all here and for FREE. My tips are delivered fast, in quick note form and are well worth investing your time and energy in. As your ‘savings scout’ I am here to save you (and me!) thousands of dollars each year. You’ll learn so many ways you can save money, you won’t know what to do next.
You will also learn tricks here for saving time, making money, saving sanity and generally living a happier more positive day.
Why not spend some time on the couch reading each night to discover more and more ways you can save money? My site is completely mobile friendly. If reading makes you tired just grab some headphones, pull up a post, tap and click ‘speak’ and have Siri read out the post for you. Get technology working for you so you can get all this awesomeness quickly. You’ll takeaway something new every day and time, money and sanity will flow into your life immediately.

Today I’m sharing tips on small and unusual ways you can save money

Some people think of saving or making money in terms of spending it, putting it in the bank and working for more of it once its gone. But if you think outside the square, you’ll unveil some cunning little tricks worth celebrating.

Reduce your mortgage for a short while

If you have an important event coming up and you feel that you may struggle to pay upcoming bills because of the event (e.g an overseas wedding) consider this:
Rather than getting a credit card for the trip and coming back to a ridiculous debt, consider going interest only on your mortgage for the time you might be away or struggling a little. This will give you extra cash in your bank account each month until your back on track when you return. Note: This is a short-term fix but beats the temptation of getting into more debt with a credit card.
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Ways you can save money

Image Source: ErikaWittlieb – Pixabay

Tax deductions

There are literally thousands of tax deductions available to Aussies. I highly recommend investing in a good tax book and become educated on the topic. There are some great ‘Tax for Dummies” books on the market that explain tax in Laymen’s terms. This could be one of the best investments you ever make. Sit on the couch each night and learn mark out deductions are you available to you. Alternatively, buy an eBook and have Siri read you the info – again via ‘speak’ on your phone.
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Definitely figure out whether you are missing out on any important government payments. At the end of the day, we all pay taxes and we are all entitled to certain benefits from the government. Learn what they are and see if you can any benefit from any of them.
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Reading and learning

Reading and learning on money blogs (like mine), magazines, TV shows and YouTube videos is a sure-fire way to become good at money and fast. The more you know about money, the more you’re going to save. This is a simple equation. The more you read and learn, the more money you’ll save and make. Let the money abundance come to you and gear your mindset to making more of the stuff.

Invest in good money tools

Definitely invest in good money tools. I pay $10 per month for a tool called PocketSmith.com. I repeat this a lot in my blog because it is such a great tool for helping me to manage my money and I can’t speak highly enough of it. Note: It is the only true forecasting tool on the market right now. It has really helped me keep track of everything that is coming and going in my busy life in terms of personal, business and hobby-related spending and saving.
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Telling people your money problems

Finally, it’s actually really useful to tell people about your money problems. Many people have probably been in your position and solved the exact problem you’re having. Most people are more than happy to give you advice or some information on how to fix the money problem you’re having. And let me tell you, there are some fantastic solutions out there in the minds of all the smart, financially happy people who have trodden sad money paths before you.
Don’t be afraid to ask. You shall receive.
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