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Declutter! 10 great ways to turn clutter into cash

by Penina

Stay-at-home holidays are a great opportunity to declutter. I spend most holidays bum-up and head down inside cupboards, boxes and crawling around rooms looking for junk. You’ll find me inside kitchen cupboards, pulling stuff down from our storage cupboard, fiddling in my kids toy boxes and digging around in bathroom cabinets on my BIG junk hunt!
I’ll go on the hunt for throw-away items like old shoes and socks, ill-fitting clothes, worn manchester, old toys, chairs, tables, cushions, rugs, baby gear, electrical goods, hobby items and just about anything that I can get rid off that will give me a new and refreshed sense of headspace and clarity.

I’ve been generous over the years

I’ve given away most of my stuff to the second-hand shops who so kindly sold me the stuff in the first place. But recently, I decided that I am such a good bargain hunter that a lot of my stuff, especially larger household items, are often worth more than the money I paid for them!

This is my current ‘sell it’ list

  1. Car roof rack – $600
  2. Designer coffee table – $60
  3. Bathroom vanity – $20
  4. Old electric guitar and amp – $80

And there’s more! But I don’t want to bore you. But the above adds up to $760!
That’s not an amount to scoff at!
So as you can see, for relatively little effort, you could turn that clutter into cash!

Here are 10 great ways you can turn that clutter into cash!

1. Hold a garage or yard sale

One of the tried and true methods of cashing in on household items is by holding a classic yard sale. Set out a few card tables and platters of biscuits, and see if any of your neighbours think your trash is treasure!

2. Get an appraisal and put it up for auction

If you have any big-ticket items like jewellery, fine art, or collectibles, it’s a good idea to have them appraised before you toss them on the jumble sale table. Online appraisal sites can help you get started, or you could go to a formal auction house.

3. Book a stall at a flea market

If you have a high volume of items to get rid of, it might be worth booking a table or stall at a local flea market.

4. Visit a consignment shop

To sell name brand, vintage, and designer clothing, visiting a consignment shop could be the way to go. Consignment stores sell your old clothing in a pleasant retail setting for a higher price than what you might receive on your own, although they will take a commission.

5. Sell online through eBay or Gumtree

Another classic method of selling old stuff is via eBay. However, you’ll need to be sure to take plenty of photos and write strong, keyword-rich descriptors to help online buyers find your listing. Use eBay’s app to easily photograph and upload your items on the run!

6. Sell online through a local listings site

Although eBay holds the benefit of virtually guaranteeing that someone is going to see your listing, you can potentially make a higher profit if you use a localized listings website instead. There will be less competition, and sites like Quicksales don’t charge any seller fees which leads to more money in your pocket.

7. Donate it for a tax break

If you have a substantial volume of items to offload, particularly those with value, you could donate them to charity and report this on your taxes for a deduction. Be sure to get receipts to back up your report.

8. Upcycle it and sell it on Etsy

Are you feeling crafty? Have you seen those cake stands made out of old vinyl records or wooden crates turned into shabby-chic coffee tables? You could make things like this and sell them online.

9. Sell collectibles at an antiques shop

In addition to auction houses, another possible venue for classic or collectible items is at an antiques shop. In some cases they will sell your goods on consignment, while in others they may buy it directly from you.

10. Break it down into parts for individual sale

Do you have old, broken electronics? You may think there’s no way that anyone would want to buy this rubbish, but many electronics whizzes like to buy old appliances for the parts.
These are ten of the easiest ways to sell your old clutter. By taking the time to list your belongings online or take them to a local consignment store, you’ll be left not only with a clean and clutter-free house but also with extra cash in your pocket!
Gotta love FREE cash!

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