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How to find expensive looking jewellery

by Penina

Without compromising luxury, it’s possible to own glamorous and exotic pieces without paying a small fortune. The following four tips may serve as a guide when you are searching for gems, diamonds, precious metals, and discount prices on gorgeous jewelry.

1. Buy semi-precious gems rather than precious gems

Rubies and emeralds are known for their timeless beauty, yet garnets and amethysts are equally lovely, and priced at just a portion of their counterpart. The same holds true for other semi-precious stones. Citrines, blue topaz, amethysts, peridots, and garnets, are gems with luster that equals that of emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds. The major difference is that the colour of semi-precious gemstones may differ slightly. White topaz is a clear stone that looks like diamond, but costs much less. Reputable online jewellery stores like Michael Hill provide some wonderful options. This stunning jewellery looks a lot more expensive than it really is; you can buy larger gems and stones with greater clarity without destroying your budget.

2. Purchase cubic zirconia and diamond-cut gold

Cubic Zirconia is the man-made version of naturally formed diamonds. Although this synthetic stone weighs a little more, it serves as a beautiful substitute for expensive diamonds. Tiny diamonds clusters in jewellery can also be pricey.   However, jewellers achieve a similar look by placing white-gold around a central gem then cut the gold to create the appearance of tiny diamonds. Only when you look very closely does it becomes apparent that the stone is not surrounded by minute diamonds. Both cubic-zirconia and diamond-cut gold are great alternatives to real diamonds.

3. Select silver plated with gold… rather than gold

Gold has become increasingly expensive over the past few years. While silver has different characteristics than white-gold, it can be a cost-effective alternative. Additionally, silver can be plated (covered) with gold. Only the gold shows, so gold-over-silver provides the look of expensive jewelry at just a fraction of the cost. Silver can also be plated with 18k gold to provide a luxurious luster. Newly purchased jewellery looks expensive and costs much less that solid gold pieces, although gold-plating does tend to change color over time.

4. Shop for discounted jewellery

If nothing but the real thing will do, there are several land-based and eCommerce jewellery outlets that sell rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, made with precious stones and metals, at a fraction of the marked up price.  Wherever you shop, be cautious about scams. Make sure that you purchase your jewellery from reputable dealers and that it is backed by appropriate certificates.
With countless options literally at our fingertips, it is now easier than ever to find expensive looking jewellery at an affordable price. Cutting back on spending does not mean that you need to stop wearing beautiful jewellery. Even though gold and diamonds may not be in your budget, the luxury and pleasure of extravagant jewellery is still well within your means.

Micheal Hill Ring

Micheal Hill Ring

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia

Gold Plated Jewellery
Gold Plated Jewellery

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