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Games for kids – 150 indoor activities for kids

by Penina

Parents have all been there in terms of finding fun games for kids. It’s a rainy day and the kids are tearing up the house on their trikes causing general mayhem. My toddler’s favourite habit is to rip towels out of the linen cupboard, scatter her Barbie dolls all over the living room and bring sand in from the sandpit into my newly cleaned kitchen floor.
A full day of these antics is enough to drive any parent to the pantry to chomp on some Tim Tams or head to the fridge for a glass of wine at the end of a long day. But we still want our kids to be kids. Mostly kids get up to mischief when they are bored and are lacking in exciting activities to indulge in. This is especially true for little ones who attend childcare. Their days are full of activity so when they are home they expect the same level of activity!

Rainy day fun

This list is designed for those rainy days during the school holidays or for generally keeping kids occupied at home during the day. Instead of going to a mall and spending money on the kids so you can get out of the house, action a few activities on this list. While the kids are occupied you can catch a breather too! You may even get through a chapter in a novel uninterrupted! Well, dreams are free anyway! Or perhaps you need to get those important taxes done. Well, this list will help you a little space in the day.

Miniature cities

One idea is to build a miniature city. Start collecting little cardboard food boxes and gather some art and paint. The kids will thoroughly enjoy building a miniature city and it is a project they can do ongoing. You can also get involved and add little pieces to the beautiful city. Alternatively act like animals together, bake some chocolate brownies or call people on Skype! Whatever you do, this list will cure the boredom and keep the kids occupied these school holidays or any weekend day when they are indoors.
Play these games for kids in the Savings Room

Act, bake, colour or cook

  1. Act like animals
  2. Bake biscuits
  3. Bake chocolate brownies
  4. Build a miniature city
  5. Build an indoor village
  6. Call people or Skype them
  7. Camp inside
  8. Colour experiments
  9. Colour theme day E.g. Red
  10. Colouring in fun
  11. Computer time
  12. Conduct housework training
  13. Cook gingerbread
  14. Cooking lessons
  15. Cool fashion competition
  16. Costumes and photo session

la-fontaine / Pixabay

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Get creative

  1. Create a board game
  2. Create a dream book
  3. Create a housework roster
  4. Create a photo collage
  5. Create a sand world in a box
  6. Create a scrapbook
  7. Create a short play
  8. Create a travel art pack
  9. Create an indoor garden
  10. Create an indoor restaurant
  11. Create an indoor tunnel
  12. Create mazes to navigate
  13. Create photo books
  14. Create your own puzzles
  15. Dance to great music
  16. Do a massive jigsaw
  17. Do laundry together
  18. Do the vacuuming
  19. Draw the garden
  20. Explore new music genres
  21. Fairies theme day for girls
  22. Fashion show down hallway
  23. Flower experiments
  24. Frame a dream
  25. Frame artwork
  26. Give each other cool haircuts
  27. Have a French week
  28. Have a pyjama day
  29. Hold a different culture week
  30. Indoor bath play
  31. Indoor obstacle course
  32. Indoor pet show
  33. Indoor sandpit play

Learn something new

  1. Learn about recycling
  2. Learn hello in other languages
  3. Learn how to measure stuff
  4. Learn Origami
  5. Learn YouTube magic tricks

More games for kids and ideas for the school holidays

Make stuff

  1. Make a cardboard car
  2. Make a delicious pizza
  3. Make an Xmas wreath
  4. Make a Zorro mask
  5. Make an indoor cubby
  6. Make and wear weird hats
  7. Make boats
  8. Make chocolate cake
  9. Make cool fridge magnets
  10. Make cupcakes
  11. Make fairy wings
  12. Make fruit kebabs
  13. Make gift cards
  14. Make ice-blocks out of juice
  15. Make ice cream
  16. Make instruments
  17. Make jelly
  18. Make jewellery
  19. Make movies out of photos
  20. Make muffins
  21. Make pancakes
  22. Make paper clip chains
  23. Make paper dolls
  24. Make paper Mache
  25. Make paper plate masks
  26. Make puppets from socks
  27. Make the bathtub a beach
  28. Make Xmas gifts
  29. Make YouTube videos
  30. Measure yourselves
  31. Mop a floor
  32. Movie afternoon
  33. Nail and string art
  34. Online treasure hunt
  35. Organise a play co-op
  36. Paint each other’s nails
  37. Paint plaster models
  38. Pirate’s theme day for boys

Games for kids

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Play money games for kids in the Savings Room

Play, play, play…

  1. Play a Rubiks cube
  2. Play a will power game
  3. Play blindfolded taste testing
  4. Play card games
  5. Play charades
  6. Play computer games
  7. Play dress ups
  8. Play fake tennis
  9. Play hallway bowling
  10. Play Hide and Seek
  11. Play horsey
  12. Play indoor catchy
  13. Play indoor soft soccer
  14. Play indoor soft volleyball
  15. Play Knucklebones
  16. Play marbles
  17. Play Monopoly
  18. Play musical chairs
  19. Play Op shop board games
  20. Play pretend shops
  21. Play put toys away game
  22. Play rock, paper and scissors
  23. Play Scrabble
  24. Play skipping games
  25. Play the slapping hands game
  26. Play the staring game
  27. Play Twister
  28. Press flowers in books
  29. Print online colouring pages
  30. Puppet show
  31. Rearrange a room
  32. Record noises and sounds
  33. Repair and fix things session
  34. Revamp a room
  35. Run around with streamers
  36. Sailboats in the bath
  37. Shoulder rides
  38. Skype grandparents
  39. Sleepover for friends
  40. Start a collection
  41. Start a diary
  42. Start and bury a time capsule
  43. Swap toys with friends
  44. Take up a new hobby
  45. Talent quest
  46. Teach the kids to sew
  47. Throw balls into buckets
  48. Tie-dye some clothes
  49. Trace and draw stuff
  50. Travel on Google Earth
  51. Try scrap booking

Noel_Bauza / Pixabay

Watch it or get writing

  1. Watch YouTube
  2. Wizards and spells day
  3. Write a book series
  4. Write a creative story
  5. Write a letter to a relative
  6. Write a script
  7. Write some songs
Games for kids

johny_deff / Pixabay

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Got some great games for kids? Be sure to leave your comments.

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