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Gift ideas for the tradie in your life

by Penina

Need to get a gift for your favourite tradie but not sure what to get him? There is so much to choose from these days that it becomes harder to pick the right gift every year. Luckily, most tradies aren’t too picky about what you get for them. Below are some great ideas for the tradie in your life.


Tradies love collecting tools; they’re like children with toys. And they love getting new ones to add to the collection. Even if they don’t really need or will never use the tool, simply having a new tool will bring your tradie a sense of joy. While your tradie may already have two drills, he or she will no doubt think of a reason for having a third. Tools are pretty easy to find; with power tool stores like AEG, you can find just the item your tradie will love. Alternatively, you could get something to go with your tradie’s existing tools, like a torch or even durable portable radios.

Play to his hobbies

Everyone has something they look forward to doing when they get out of work. The list is endless and filled with all kinds of possibilities. Some are easy to buy for, like golf balls for the weekend putter or new games for the Xbox player. Of course, not every hobby is easy to buy for. A few hobbies might require a little research. Car enthusiasts are impossible to buy for if you don’t know what kind of cars they like. The same goes for sports fans if you aren’t too familiar with the team.

Socks and jocks

Socks and jocks are one thing a tradie is never going to have enough of. You could keep it simple by buying some normal, everyday socks or a standard pack of underwear. Or you could go really take this simple idea to the limit. There are now super comfortable and sweat-free options available, which are designed for tradies. Odour fighting socks are out there and they are super comfortable, ultra-durable and are masters at fighting sweat.

Gift boxes

Sometimes it is hard to choose what to buy. That’s where themed gift boxes come in. They are a relatively new idea where a number of boxes, each with a different collection of goods, are up for sale. You can easily pick something that fits, or if you are still having trouble, you can simply get them a gift card and let them pick the box they like the most. Boxes range from clothes and toiletries to collectables and utensils. Some are designed to encourage a hobby, filled with useful items. There are boxes out there for every man or female tradie.
With a little bit of searching and some research, you will be able to find the perfect gift for the tradie in your life. What have you found to be the perfect gift?
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