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[GREAT NEWS] Layby holidays are here! Book for less than $2 a day

by Penina

I’ve got some big news. Your going to love this! 

Can I ASK when was the last time you booked a holiday?

And if you haven’t why aren’t you taking the rest and relaxation you should be?
A few months ago I sent a survey out to my audience asking what people struggle with and I got a TON of responses.
But TWO answers seemed to be the most common…

  • You don’t have enough MONEY to save for the holiday of your dreams between everything else going on in your life
  • Life ‘gets in the way’ and you keep dipping into your savings. Car regos, electricity bills, the cost of Christmas and other unexpected costs keep popping up
  • You don’t want to use your CREDIT CARD to pay for a holiday
  • If you do use your credit card you know you’re going to be paying for that holiday AFTER THE FACT – which always hurts

Now seeing what a big problem this is for my audience (and my own family) – I decided to conduct some RESEARCH on how to SOLVE that problem.
I’ve been looking into this all year between blogging, being a mum and life generally. And I’m super happy to report I’ve FINALLY found the answer!
I wrote a nice big blog post about this BIG SECRET and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on what I DISCOVERED.
Here’s a little picture of this post in the Savings Room:

You see, the answer to ‘nothing to look forward’ to, no upfront cash to go on a holiday, and limited options is:

Putting your next holiday on layby… REALLY!!!

With less than $2 per day, you can BOOK A HOLIDAY to an awesome destination, secure your seats and accommodation ahead of time, and GET you and the family READY for some WELL-DESERVED TIME OFF!

How do I know?  

Well not only have I RESEARCHED and found this NEW WAY to travel, but I’ve also booked myself and the family on a holiday to BEAUTIFUL FIJI – the dream holiday I have always wanted to go on.

But look at what a friend of mine just did

She’s always wanted to go to Thailand and check this out. In just a few clicks she got this great deal stitched up and for cheap…
Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong, Phuket Thailand

Image Source: Layawaytravel.com.au

She’s off to ‘enjoy nature in the tropical garden against the backdrop of lush mountains.’ She’ll be staying close to Phuket’s famous Patong Beach and taking short strolls from the resort to enjoy the bay’s exciting nightlife. She’ll also get spectacular views of the surrounding, natural gardens and have access to Phuket’s famous Patong Beach Street. She’s going for the ‘deluxe’ accommodation option.

The next five minutes could change your life too

For the five minutes she spent signing up and her small daily investment of $5.74 she’s going to get FIVE NIGHTS IN BEAUTIFUL PHUKET including:

  • Accommodation
  • Return economy class airfares
  • Return airport transfers
  • Inflight meals
  • Check baggage

And…airport taxis!

WOW! There sure is a better way to spend that small change

When you think about how easy it is to dwindle away $5 in a day (e.g on a coffee or a sandwich) this is awesome.
For the most part of this year, inbetween work, renovations, kids, bills, dinners, drop-offs and more – I’ve been trying to solve this problem. I’ve been on a BIG HUNT to get a real value-for-money holiday.
Not only have I figured out how to PAY FOR MY HOLIDAY – I’ve also discovered why this is such a no-brainer and A SIMPLE solution for mums, dads, parents and busy people like all of us.

Anyone can do this and get away once and for all and FOR REAL!

And now I’ve taken what I learned, and approached the company who can stitch this up for you and secured a GREAT CASH BACK DISCOUNT exclusive to Savings Room subscribers.
Click the link below to get the CODE you need to get $100 OFF your layby holiday if you’d love to BOOK A DREAM HOLIDAY and leave your life soon. You can use this to buy Champagne, dinners, a massage or whatever you like on your holiday.

This is what I love about layby travel, a NEW CONCEPT for Australia

  • This gives you something awesome to LOOK FORWARD TO, without having to worry about the money stress associated with a holiday
  • You can LOCK IN lower prices before they go up
  • You can secure your hotel and plane seats NOW
  • You WON’T RISK paying too much too close to your departure date
  • You can invite family and FRIENDS to come – they’ll be able to afford a layby scenario too
  • You’ll be LESS STRESSED and MORE ORGANISED by planning ahead
  • You’ll get the EXACT HOLIDAY you want – not one on ‘special’ that no-one else wants
  • You won’t have to ‘fork out’ for your entire holiday now
  • You can travel WHEN YOU WANT to go rather than what a ‘special’ might dictate to you
  • You’ll HAVE TIME to time fine tune your holiday and activities
  • You pay your holiday off at a rate THAT SUITS your income and commitments
  • You can even TEACH THE KIDS discipline and self-management by ‘saving’ (as a family) for a future reward

Then I invite you to follow my journey on social media and in the SAVINGS ROOM.
I’m off to FIJI with the family in August next year!!!!

Get the goodness

Discover how a few simple dollars put away each day can really put a spring in your step.
Click here to GRAB YOUR CODE and discover how to LAYBY YOUR DREAM HOLIDAY
Holidays are always a game changer for me (and my subscribers) – and HUNDREDS have already grabbed their CODE for this AMAZING ADVENTURE, so don’t miss your chance!
I can’t wait to see where you’re headed on your next holiday!
Keep smiling!

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