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How to heat your home without burning a hole in your pocket

by Penina

There’s nothing nicer than curling up on the sofa on a cold winter’s night. Whether you love a good book or watching TV, feeling warm is essential to our happiness. But most of us are on a tight budget. So investigating all options for heating a home is vital.
The challenge is that many people don’t want to economise on heat itself.  As well as heating a home, it is also important to have enough hot water to enjoy a decent lifestyle. There are plenty of ways to save whether you are showering or doing the washing up. Hot water solar panels are a great start and worth serious consideration.

An eco-friendly choice

Homes with solar power are eco-friendly. The energy is sustainable energy and the panels are easy to install. They’re place on top of a home’s roof. Or they sit on an area of the home that attracts the most sunlight. onto homes either on the roof or nearby in an area that attracts a lot of sunlight.
Panels are a great choice in warm climates, such as in Western Australia. For example, many WA residents choose to create solar hot water in Perth. This is because of the sheer number of sunny days that occur each year.
Solar panels are also far more affordable than many homeowners realise. Consumers can save thousands savings on utility bills for many years to come.

Different types of hot water production

Solar panels produce hot water in various ways, including the following:

  • Solar panels
  • Electricity
  • Gas

Systems include ‘continuous flow’ or storage tank. Storage tank systems use all three. They use gas, solar panels and electricity to generate heat. In contrast, the majority of continuous flow systems rely on gas to produce heat. Solar and electricity also power these systems.

Source: Peter Stannard Plumbing & Gas

Source: Peter Stannard Plumbing & Gas

Tip: Do your research

It is a good idea to conduct thorough research of the company you intend to use.  Do this before considering installation or repair. Make sure the company has a solid reputation in the industry.
You can find professional hot water repairs in Perth, London, New York and wherever you live. A simple Google search can help you find a supplier near you.

Image Source: Peter Stannard Plumbing & Gas

Image Source: Peter Stannard Plumbing & Gas

Hot water systems

Continuous flow hot water systems have the following benefits:

  • Compact systems
  • Clean water
  • Better heat retention

Many homeowners demand instant hot water. Knowing a reputable supplier ensures that problems with the system get fixed. You’ll also keep costs low in the process.

Harnessing solar power

Solar hot water in Perth by Peter Stannard Plumbing and Gas is such a reputable company. They will install and maintain the efficiency of your solar panels.
Generating hot water from solar panels is a great way to run an eco-friendly home and save money.
The sun is free so the only costs include installation and maintenance. In the long run solar panels are far cheaper than paying the current exorbitant power and gas prices.

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