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Tow truck tips: When should you call for a lift?

by Penina

Towing a car isn’t for the faint hearted. Choose the right tow truck and you’ll make the job easier. Towing services in Perth offer options for towing cars of varying weight and size. The type of transport depends on the type of car damage or problem.

When should you call a tow truck?

Serious damage in an accident

A tilt tray in Perth is one of the the best solutions for towing damaged cars. Titled trucks will load up a car and offer greater support than recovery vehicles. There is a risk cars can veer of the road if towed by recovery vehicles. Further, a cars damaged parts will not fall onto the road and create further risk to other drivers.
Tilt tray towing in Perth’s Executive Towing Services can help. They have experience in moving damaged vehicles with secure recovery vehicles.

Image Source: Executive Towing Services Perth

Image Source: Executive Towing Services Perth

Car starter motor or battery has failed

If a car’s starter motor or the battery has failed tow the car behind a recovery vehicle and try to start the engine. This is a push start, safe and standard practice. Put the car into second gear and switch the engine on with the clutch down. Once the car is moving (when towed), release the clutch so that the engine with fire up and the car will start.
If the engine fails to start after a few tries, tow the car to a mechanic. Your mechanic will assess and fix the problem.

When your car has overheated

A car can overheat if the engine becomes damaged or the cooling system is failing. If the car starts to overheat during a trip, don’t panic. Pull over to the side of the road and call a tow truck. Do not continue driving if your car is starting to overheat. This will cause further damage the engine and risk to your safety. Load your car onto a tilt truck instead.

If a sports car or vintage car needs moving

Sports cars often need towing to race tracks because they are often lower than normal cars. Driving a car which is not designed for city roads can cause damage. It is safer to move a sports cars on the back of a tow truck.
Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 12.43.22 PM
The same goes for vintage cars. These may only be for display purposes and may not be fit for driving. Fastened a vintage car to a truck and you’ll greatly reduce any risk of damage.

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